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Can there be cosmic gods such as Galactus and celestials though, magical ones such as odin and HP Lovecraft elder gods, and gods like darkseid. more of a "physical" nature?

There can be different levels of Gods yes, The Fourth World for example is but the latest offspring from a lineage that began with the original Gods. What seperates them from other pantheons in the universe is that they inhabit thir own unique dimension and are directly descended from the power of The Source.

Although most often seen as a physical being I don't know whether Darkseid can be said to be of a purely physical nature given DC in recent years have alluded to his being the literal metaphysical God of evil. Final Crisis is the best example of this. Think of Green Lantern's emotional entities or The Endless - beings who represent and embody a specific force in the universe, able to manifest in physical form. Darkseid is a physical being, but he is also occasionally said to be embodying something fundamental in the universe.