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Subj: Re: World's End #12 - Time Running Out...
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    Akin to say Galactus doing such in Marvel?

Maybe not quite on that level of cosmic importance, but consider this - Galactus was only revealed as 'essential' to the universe nearly twenty years after his debut, in John Byrne's Fantastic Four. Wanting to reverse a long trend of misuse and unflattering stories Byrne went back to the characters very first appearance and used offhand comments from The Watcher as the inspiration to reposition Galactus as being a force of universal nature, a being sponsored by Eternity and almost abstract in his true nature. Previous to this Galactus had been merely another bizarrely costumed cosmic alien, skulking around the universe and frequently getting into trouble. In the years since Byrne's revamp of the character writers have not always adhered to Byrne's intention, many times Galactus is used as he was before Byrne's reworking of him, most recently while visiting the Ultimates universe.

For his part Darkseid was patterned after Jack Kirby's other similar works for Marvel Comics. A conventional God it was works like The Great Darkness Saga which suggested something more, something fundamental. Often misused over subsequent years Writers would still make occasional references to the use of Avatars, or of Desaad impersonating, to explain the descrepancies and as a means of trying to protect the characters integrity. But as seen in John Ostrander's work on Spectre and latterly in Grant Morrisons Final Crisis the implication was made quite clear that Darkseid's essence is that of the universes evil. He embodies the Universes evil.

He would be the One that the devils prayed to was jack Kirby view on him, correct?

And the Spectre casually killed him off, but was shocked that His Boss would not allow him to stay dead, as he has a role in the purpose of the Universe still?

And Superman works best as seen as being darkeid exact counterpart, the focus of what we deem to be "truth/justice/and the American way?"