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Subj: Re: Earth-2: World's End #16 - The Last Son...
Posted: Mon Jan 26, 2015 at 12:57:07 pm EST (Viewed 1116 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Earth-2: World's End #16 - The Last Son...
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    Okay, but could you please clear these things up for me-

    Exactly HOW does Kal-El die? You say he sacrifices himself, but what exactly is it that kills him? (And were there any signs his powers might have been coming back before this happens?)

His powers were gone as his long captivity and the experimentations for cloning him had gradually corrupted his cells. His ability to hold and process energy was gone. Apokolips was using his DNA to create clones as a potential army of Supermen, but these clones were always flawed and so the experiments on perfecting them were ongoing. As Lois and the heroes find him and the nature of The Red entity is revealed Superman realises that to stop the Parademons, free The Red entity, and halt the clone banks, he has to re-enter the machinery which imprisoned him and use his corrupted blood to poison the entire system... this he does, and achieves all of his objectives in doing so. The Parademons armies are shut down, The Red Avatar (aka Yolanda Montez!) is freed from captivity and service to Apokolips, and a major victory is won.

The process however kills the already weak Kal-el, though he does linger long enough to say good-bye to his beloved family.

    As Lois is handing Kara Superman's "S", Val says something like (the picture's a bit small) "He was your like father and your family."

    I can't be reading that right. The wording makes no sense. Thank you for nothing, DC Editorial? (Or is the small size of the print causing me to mis-read what it actually says?)

It is indeed muddled yes, but bear in mind she considered Superman and Lois her adopted parents, she even refers to them as Mom and Dad, so Vals comments are based on that love and her relationship with her mentor and 'Father', Kal.

    When "Power Girl" takes the "S" portion of his shirt, somehow the blue vanishes and only the "S" grafts itself to her costume. Anything said about how that happened?

No, other than this is apparently indicating Superman's shield is similar to the Bio-tech magic shield of his Justice League counterpart.

    She's Supergirl again...or is she? Is anything said regarding what name to call her by now?

I would say she's Supergirl again yes, but as with so much in this book you really do have to roll with it and not question it too much. This is very much a series where the pacing is frenetic and "stuff happens"... bubblegum entertainment in effect.

    The odd picture in red, someone saying they're shutting down someone else's powers- Who are the people involved, and who's doing what to who? Is Val Zod using his heat vision on someone?

That's Val yes, he is confronting 'Death' who he deduces is a Tamaranean, altered by Darkseid. Since her powers come from the sun as his does he uses his intellect and knowledge to opt for overloading her ability to take in energy, thereby shutting her down and exhausting her power.
The scene is a neat one as it demonstrates how Val operates as hero, not by using blunt force, but by outthinking. He is far more likely to strike at your weakness than just *hit* you, and that is quite a novel approach from this kind of character.

    Who or what is a "Tamaranean", and what about them is similar to a Kryptonian and Kryptonian powers?

Tamaranean - as in the Teen Titans Starfire. They can fly and in Kory's case fire starbolts from her hands. This is done by their bodies converting solar energy... it isn't a process even remotely on the scale of a Kryptonians ability however.

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