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    I've not followed the Earth 2 story closely.

    Did the original Earth get destroyed, and now the characters are on another planet along with survivors, making a new Earth? In more than one way, an "Earth 2"? That's the impression I'm getting from the bits and pieces I've seen and heard.

Yes, along those lines. The original Earth-2 lost the War with Apokolips and was engulfed by the Planet, Apokolips will/is consuming Earth for its minerals and resources but about two-million survivors made it off-planet barely, taken in arks that were prepared by Terry Sloan. Becoming involved in the Convergence event earlier this year the heroes are bequetahed Telos' planet at the end of it and it morphs into a world that is a close copy of Earth and ready for them to colonise as New-Earth, the byproduct of this though is that this world is in a different solar system and almost certainly not in the Earth-2 Universe. It orbits a binary star, one Yellow, one Red, and this makes the book less of an alternate earth book and more of a science-fiction one of settlers taking to the stars.
The survivors now rebuilding on the world have, ironically, dubbed it "Earth-2".

    Finally, I'd gotten the impression that the new 52 Jay Garrick was an adult. Recently it's looked like he's a kid. What's the story?

A recent issue says he is (I think) 18. And he acts like a kid. This doesn't necessarily contradict what James Robinson established but as with many of the cast it is an example of a character being rewritten on a whim, as while he was always wide eyed and a little naive it was never to the wildly immature extent being seen in this series.

    Finally, is Wonder Woman's daughter around, and is she good or evil? If good, any sign she'll take on her mother's "codename" and become the new Wonder Woman? Also, what are her powers?

Fury is indeed alive and well! Quite how she went from being brainwashed soldier of Steppenwolf to penitant hero was completely glossed over, a shame, but she was last seen wearing a costume more in line with Amazon design and suggesting a tribute to her Mother. Needless to say this is a character in need of exposure and exploration, but then so is the entire cast. Supposeldy the lash she carried was her Mothers reconfigured Lassoo, whether writers know this or not is another question however...
She has her Mothers powers, but unlike Earth-1 Wonder Woman flight is not one of those abilities either Mother or Daughter has.

How does the binary star (red and yellow) affect Val-Zod's and Power Girl's powers?

Also, as for Wonder Woman not having had flight, the nu52 mainstream Earth's Wondwer Woman didn't either, originally.

Thanks for the update.

I still think the new Jay was plainly an adult when first introduced, and changing his age is stupid. Heh.