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Subj: Re: Another question... About the Earth-2 Kal-El and his family
Posted: Thu Dec 17, 2015 at 10:19:41 pm EST (Viewed 1431 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Another question... About the Earth-2 Kal-El and his family
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    Did I recently read somewhere that on Earth-2, Clark's adoptive parents were named John and Mary? Not Jonathan and Martha?

    Odd thing is, in an early issue of Batman/Superman, it appeared a young mainstream Superman, transported to Earth-2, RECOGNIZED the Kents of Earth-2 as being doubles of his parents... You know, Jonathan and Martha.

I don't know where "John and Mary" come from, in their few appearances in Batman-Superman and World's Finest they have been consistently depicted and always named as Martha and Jonothan. Jonathan was killed by the Evil-Superman/Bizarro while Martha almost certainly perished sometime later in Worlds End as Apokolips took Earth.

    Sort of odd if they had different first names.

    Anyone have a solid enough grasp of this to clear it up for me?

    Anyone able to answer a questioned I asked below, namely 'What effect is the yellow/red binary star system having on Karen's and Val-Zod's powers?'

Yes, since the planet is in an orbit with two stars it means that one day the red sun will be closest and therefore the Kryptonians will be powerless or close to it, and the next day the world will be closest to the yellow star, hence full power to Kara and Superman.
You have to assume this is being done for dramatic reasons, but It's a bizarre and alienating quirk to saddle the book with...


Especially when you consider that (unless the rules are different in the Earth-2 universe) just being exposed to a red star doesn't shut down Kryptonian powers, but rather just stops charging them.

Oh, wait... Pre-Flashpoint New Earth changed that around the time of Chris Kent's introduction. Batman claimed red solar energy "surrounds" stored yellow and prevents its being used. (Which still didn't explain things like Superman having been shown flying thru red stars and still having a measure of his powers afterward.)


I can't recall if nu52 Notrunksman has been shown dealing with red solar radiation.