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Subj: Re: Another question... About the Earth-2 Kal-El and his family
Posted: Sat Dec 26, 2015 at 02:21:29 pm EST (Viewed 1395 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Another question... About the Earth-2 Kal-El and his family
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    Especially when you consider that (unless the rules are different in the Earth-2 universe) just being exposed to a red star doesn't shut down Kryptonian powers, but rather just stops charging them.

I suspect the rules are different, indeed the evidence so far suggests it does wipe out their solar reserves and they have to recharge from empty.

    Oh, wait... Pre-Flashpoint New Earth changed that around the time of Chris Kent's introduction. Batman claimed red solar energy "surrounds" stored yellow and prevents its being used. (Which still didn't explain things like Superman having been shown flying thru red stars and still having a measure of his powers afterward.)


Well there is bound to be occasional inconsistency but in general it was shown again and again that unless it was a full red sun then it tok time for Red Sun radiation to take effect - think of Ruin's final attack and Amalak's later efforts and you see there isn't a strong enough radiation exposure to immediately defeat him. You might criticise the occasion where he and Kal-L fly through a red sun in Infinite Crisis but that was a calculated effort and done at superspeed with Mogo waiting on the other side to give them shelter, which is quite different to his arrival in the 31st century and war with Earth-Man.

    I can't recall if nu52 Notrunksman has been shown dealing with red solar radiation.

He has indeed, his resistance is even greater than previous to Flashpoint.


So the E2 Supers are more akin to how Daxiamites lose their powers right after exposure to a red Sun, unlike our Supers who can still be super for awhile?