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Subj: Re: JSA to return with Rebirth
Posted: Thu Apr 07, 2016 at 05:42:17 pm EDT (Viewed 1576 times)
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Posted: Thu Apr 07, 2016 at 05:19:43 pm EDT (Viewed 1511 times)

    Have they officially called themselves the JSA yet in E2? I thought there was a round about mention of it, but I missed a block between the decimation of their planet and Society.

No, they have never yet officially banded together or taken a group identity, though have come close on several occasions.
It really is one of the aspects to the book that has begun to impede it, both from a brand identification perspective and the internal story logic. One suggestion I have read online has said that DC are purposely vetoing the Justice Society name, anf given the sabotaging of the series over the last two years and the assigning of mediocre talent I can see the case for an antipathy. Why I do not know - this series was one of the most creatively and commercially successful things to come out of their 2011 relaunch. Still averaging a 40'000 sales average two years or more after it launched, long after many other books had dipped to 20-30'000 averages.
It saddens me to see the waste of potential, by culminating in the destroying of their earth the series becomes a dead duck, it now treads the same stagnant waters that Legion of Super-heroes did after Keith Giffen's landmark, and disasterous, obliterating the earth back in the early 1990's.

    I'm pretty interested in PG and Huntress, too. Are there multiple versions of them now? They are on E2 along with Terrific, but I thought I saw Huntress in a line up in the Rebirth books AND the new Super Woman could well be our favorite JSA lass from Krypton?

I think there is a new Huntress on earth-1 come Rebirth, but it looks like Mr Terrific has somehow found his way back to Earth-1 without any mention at all of it in Earth-2. Lazy editing.