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Subj: Re: DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season Finale
Posted: Sat May 21, 2016 at 10:09:48 pm EDT (Viewed 1476 times)
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    It was a labor to watch the show much of the season. I really wanted to like it, but the Vandal Savage story line was not compelling to me. In addition, it felt like we were seeing the same story played out each episode. They were losing me.

I agree with you. I have been watching the series and enjoying the characters, and actors, and yet the entire premise feels overstrained and incredible, I cannot rationalise why this mixed bunch are staying together or even why they are together. Neither is Vandal Savage and his plot a convincing or engaging one to watch, week after week.

Upon consideration though It did strike me that this concept owes more to The Suicide Squad's format than the Justice League template...

    But they mentioned the Thanagarians in the episode prior to the season finale and it felt like an injection of adrenaline.

    But I'll tell you... The season finale cliffhanger has me more excited than ever! Rex Tyler arrives in an explosive fashion (costume pretty awesome, I must say) and says he's with the Justice Society of America!

    Okay, now I'm on board for season 2! Looking forward to how they handle such a storied franchise!

Intriguing! The makers did a great job in translating Jay Garrick's Flash and the thought of expanding that thinking to the rest of the JSA is very exciting indeed - I do wonder though where Rex Tyler and his JSA fit into the Flash mythos ongoing on the CW... O\:\-\)

Great call out with the Suicide Squad comparison. I never thought about that before, but it fits.

And yes, seeing how they were able to translate Jay has me really exited about what they can do with the rest of the team. Here's hoping!