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Posted: Sun May 22, 2016 at 05:31:18 pm EDT (Viewed 1565 times)
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    Maybe the truth is that what they call earth 2 in the show is NOT really that one, but maybe like earth 3, of the Crime syndicate?

I like the idea but given they have very clearly labelled this as Earth-2 in The Flash series I can't see them going back on it.

    And that E2 would be actually one of the JSA squad, and that just maybe the man in the mask is jay garrick of real E2, and that he looks just like barry father?

That... i a very neat idea! Again I like it, it appeals to me and makes a fair bit of sense. Perhaps in a way this as a reveal could be used to tie the Legends of Tomorrow and Flash series together more tightly and continue to build on the mythos that the shows have slowly developed. The appealing thing about the Justice Society is that they have enough originality to be able to stand seperate from the Justice League and therefore can be exploited by a series like LoT.
We have already seen Jay Garrick/Flash, whether he was Zoom all along or whether we have yet to meet the real Jay it acts as a very effective segue and primer for a Justice Society introductory next year.

Maybe you are right in your theory on the Man in the Iron Mask, and how he connects to the JSA...