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Subj: Re: How would there being 2 Jsa teams work out?
Posted: Fri Jun 10, 2016 at 09:35:27 pm EDT (Viewed 1824 times)
Reply Subj: Re: How would there being 2 Jsa teams work out?
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    Here's how I picture it:

    Main JSA Team:
    Hawkman (leader)
    Green Arrow
    Green Lantern (Scott)
    Flash (Garrick)
    Power Girl
    Mister Terrific (Holt)
    Doctor Mid-Nite (Cross)
    Sandman (Hawkins)
    Atom Smasher
    Hourman (Rick Tyler)
    Liberty Belle (Jesse Chambers)
    Doctor Fate (Kent V. Nelson)
    Anna Fortune
    Starman (Payton)

I'm glad someone remembers Anna Fortune! A memorable addition to the JSA ALL-STARS book with an interesting set of talents...

    Other JSA Team:
    Vigilante (leader)
    Shining Knight
    Citizen Steel
    Judomaster (Sato)
    Amazing Man (Clay)
    Mister America (Graves)
    a new All-American Kid
    King Chimera
    Manhunter (Spencer)
    Red Beetle
    Black Condor
    Doll Man
    Human Bomb
    Phantom Lady
    a new Tarantula

There was/is a new female Tarantula who appeared in Green Arrow recently, her costume closely patterned after Jonathan Law's.
From what little we know of the new and secret JSA I would think that this team will be a reworked and modernised version of the traditional group. Plus If the group dissapeared in the 1950s then that would make them somewhere in their 30s agewise when they reappear in the modernday, with this context in mind there is little chance of a generational aspect to the group anymore, so no Infinity Inc or Starman family. Perhaps though we will get to see Terry Sloane alive again, and there should be no particular block on a revival of Ma Hunkle and Cyclone given they existed outside of the JSA. Intriguingly if you take this logic further and accept the 'secret history' aspect then there would be no reason The Seven Soldiers of Victory did not exist either, meaning Pat Duggan could still have been a member and therefore step-daughter Courtney have an actual (loose) connection to the JSA and that generation of heroes... in fact if you think on this subject then what has been seen unfolding in Titans Hunt by Dan Abnett is an interesting glimse at how a JSA might be remembered and reintegrated into the modernday DC Universe.

And upon further thought if the likes of Al Pratt, Libby Lawrence, Johnny Chambers, all married before the JSA went into limbo then their families would have carried on over the next 50+ years... meaning there may be good reason for a Al Rothstein, Jesse Chambers and Jack Knight to still exist out there and be ready to 'remember' their true heritage... \(fear\)

So you wopuld see that their could be beings who aged well, such a sa Senrinel/PG, and then could be descendants of other members taking over?