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I feel some regret at not having talked about Earth-2:Society for quite some time, other books lured my time away. But it is a sympton of how far this series has declined in my interest over the last two to three years. It has been very clear to me from the moment Tom Taylor dissapeared from the credits that DC Comics have deliberately vandalised the series and steered it into irrelevance, for what reason I can only wonder, Earth-2 was one of the few great hits of the 2011 restart and on reflection, and considering the thinking behing Rebirth, it does seem as if their heart was never much into the whole New 52 once that initial two years of sales thrust and publicity began to ebb away...

It is a matter of regret this as Earth-2 gave us a fresh and bold rethink on the whole JSA myth, and a very successful one intially, but now it seems the entire thing is redundant and lifeless.
I wonder, just how faithful to the original series of the Geoff Johns JSA will this new debut be...?

Just seems that pretty much everything done around new 52 ran out of steam, and so the Rebirth would be best to re show us back the original JSA team..

Witht he spectre and Imp  on their side, they would be by default the most powerful Dc earth superhero team?