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Subj: Re: News on the old.new Jsa comics!
Posted: Wed Aug 17, 2016 at 08:01:39 pm EDT (Viewed 1836 times)
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    Here's an update: my JSA team was kinda lackluster, so I decide to add two important members to the team. The first being Alan Scott, the first Green Lantern himself. I know he died in Justice Society of America #54, but he can always return. After all, his body is composed of green flame.

I had forgotten Alan Scott's fate, ironically similar to what happened to his daughter Jade in Infinite Crisis, and like her I would fully expect him to be able to ressurect in due course...
Not that I think the new JSA hinted at in Rebirth will be a continuation of that continuity, but as I have said before the way I see it the JSA will be returned from the limbo that Johnny Thunder sent them to and we will probobly learn that despite their erasure from the worlds memory their children and wider family carried on and so it is quite possible that the likes of Stargirl, Maxine Hunkel, Black Canary, and Mr Terrific are to be revealed as linked to this heritage. I think that would be a neat reveal.

Then of course the conundrum will be whether the likes of The Huntress, Power Girl, Hector Hall, Liberty Belle, Johnny Quick, Jade, Atom Smasher, and Jack Knight can still exist in this revised history. Jack Knight in particular is a thorny issue as his story ends with James Robinson, but in practical terms that series of Starman is a very important and influential volume for DC - would it not be sensible to restore it to canon?