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Subj: Re: Earth-2:Society #15 - Marking Time.
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Nothing has been done with Val-Zod no, no development, no insight. And this is the problem with this cast of potentially wonderful characters. Of all of them I can only hold up possibly Kendra Saunders as having had any attention and real focus, but even that is rather superficial in its substance. Instead what you have here is a crew of costumes and names, little actual character to speak of.
This issue for example the barely seen character of Captain Steel is lying critically wounded as the Ultra-Humanite moves his plans along and Dan Abnett has the immature prat that is his preferred Jay Garrick shiek at the assembled heroes (and therefore us) to stop what they are doing and feel the tragedy of Steel's barely glimpsed condition...

But we have no reason to feel any such thing. We have been given no reason to feel a thing. As all these characters are is stock, and the unfortunate Steel isn't even that...

Since he was a pascifist though, how and why would he get involved in the fighting?