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Subj: Re: Earth-2:Society #19 - The Brand New Day.
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    This universe was already a deconstruction universe before its Earth blew up. The early war, the fire pit holes on Earth, the dead trinity. Etc. It was also a war comic.

No, It was introduced as a world recovering from a War, one they won. As the series opens the future belonged to a new age of 'wonders', brighter, younger, stronger than the previous age who sacrificed themselves to win the victory. By all accounts having beaten back Apokolips the next time the Earth-2 heroes would face the threat of Darkseid would have been centered on the first meeting with the heroes of the Justice League...

    Now they rebooted the universe sans all the destruction and the characters. Only 10 survived characters. No clue where Alan went. Seems the planet has Earth 2 cw vvibes and the 1980's positve tone. I guess they could relaunch again as infinity inc someday.

The world James Robinson introduced had a positive tone too, one quite distinct compared to the world of the Justice League, here the public revered their their heroes and we were introduced to many familiar faces as the first year progressed. What Dan Abnett has done is very much reset the series and returned it to the same open page as James Robinson developed - Alan Scott, Hourman, Yolanda Montez, Ted Grant, and just about everybody left alive on the old world are out there. And given The Ultra Humanite was a character Abnett rammed into the book from out of nowhere it is fair to say he could conjure anybody he wants out of this brand new environment.

    They're allready going to move on with the Jsa on Prime Earth. Just one with a covert past and no legacy characters.

Maybe. All I know for sure is that apparently there was a Justice Society operating in the World War era and something (Johnny Thunder?) erased them from memory in the same way The Titans were forgotten until recently.
Anything else about them is conjecture.

Not really. The fear on prime earth was only in it's first years. This earth 2 had a war ravaged planet not resembling ours. The vast majority of the book centered on a looming war with Darkseid with forshadowing.

None of the new versions of the characters are the same as the old robison one. The new ones overwritten the old. Steel was a different race. The new earth never been in a war, in fact it's more in line with the near perfect earth of old Earth 2. Dan created something new.

The covert mystery man past was already mentioned and is the best way to go.