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Subj: Re: Is the JSA going to be reborn via DOOMSDAY CLOCK?
Posted: Wed Jun 27, 2018 at 11:11:02 am CDT (Viewed 2048 times)
Reply Subj: Is the JSA going to be reborn via DOOMSDAY CLOCK?
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I certainly hope so. It would seem like a natural play considering Johns is writing and Johnny Thunder is figuring prominently so far.

Looking back, the JSA revival starting in 1999 was something of a minor miracle. It took old, low-profile characters, and produced a team book easily on par with Morrison's JLA and Busiek's Avengers. It was arguably the best title of the early aughts.

Just such great quality and consistency from Robinson, Goyer, Johns, Sadowski, Kirk, Kramer, Bair, Morales and more. I fondly recall that this was a "no look" monthly pick up for me at the comic store. Didn't even have to Byrne-steal it to know if I wanted it or not!

I recall the book jumped the shark, IMO, somewhere along the Kingdom Come/Gog storyline that just dragged out forever. And I didn't feel the heat of the title when it went back to number 1 after "Infinite Crisis."

Regardless, I look back very fondly at the '99 reboot and hope DC can bring that team back into the fold.

It's been over a year since they first announced that the JSA would be coming back as part of the second wave of Rebirth and teased with an appearance by Jay Garrick. But, then they seem to have gotten sidetracked by other events such as Doomsday Clock and Metal each of which are redefining the DCU and multiverse. Meanwhile, there's two Wally Wests running around and it would seem that the original Wally's memories of the JLA, JSA, and Teen Titans would be a bigger deal. We have in the first issue of Hawkman him visiting Madame Xanadu and a big deal is made of his restored memories where he has been reincarnated on other other planets as well... this indicates he remembers being a WWII hero, but there is no mention of the JSA.

I don't know what form of the JSA we'll get back. Somehow, I think it will be a mixing of the original, the 90s, and the recent Earth-2 versions. I'm not sure they will restore ALL the legacy heroes. And, there's the problem that if and when they do this, what about all the other WWII heroes and history?

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