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Subj: Could Be BS--But What If 'Sales Events' Mean More Than Anything To JQ? [SPOILERS]
Posted: Mon Mar 26, 2007 at 11:12:09 am EDT
Reply Subj: Re: On Vanko's Big News....Tiger More Or Less Predicted It [SPOILERS]
Posted: Mon Mar 26, 2007 at 10:21:49 am EDT

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Except I'm not sure I believe theis Vanko any further than I can throw him.

Of course, Marvel is nothing if not predictable. And to do what he's saying would, indeed, be predicable.

In the extreme slim possibility its true, I'd say that they'd have to fold and abandon the Ultimate line. Since it sells so well for them, I don't see this happening.

Also, the mechanics of it would be nightmarish even for "comics". I mean this isn't talking about CHANGING something from when Peter was a teen and rewrapping history, its talking about putting him back to his teens and LEAVING him there while the rest of the MU marches on. Except for Cap, who's left in the 1940s. Doesn't wash. If Marvel wanted a 1940s Cap series, they could do so in the current continuity simply by making it all a flashback. That's the detail which tripped Vanko up. I mean why have Parker as a teen in 2007, if Cap is busy being a super-soldier in 1942? Why link these events? You wouldn't.

I call "bullshit".

> I've long been a proponent of a "crisis" like event for Marvel. Not a complete reset but more of a housecleaning in which characters can get a fresh start but not lose the bulk of their continuity. I agree, HOM was a golden opportunity and Marvel blew it. If Wanda's character was going to be besmirched the way it was at least something positive should have come out of it. NA wasn't it.
> I simply can't believe Marvel would have made the effort to establish a new status quo with CW only to push a reset button and have everyone start at the beginning again. Unless this only affects Spidey and Cap?
> As a longtime Spidey fan I'm aware of the baggage Peter carries around and I'd certainly like to see some of it jettisoned. Yet I'd rather have an EIC who doesn't believe that "event, event, event" is what reinvigorates a character, but rather give a talented team the time and creative freedom to pull him/her out of any slump.
> I'd also put Peter at around the late twenties, and that's an age I can accept for the character. Surely they will have to be careful on how they age him in the future, I certainly don't want to see him having Doc Connors check his prostate any time soon.
> What's the point of Ultimate Spider-man if Marvel was planning this event? I have my doubts about the validity of these claims.
> > As I've said recently, when was the last time any of us thought of Peter Parker as a teen in the MU Proper, despite the SM films?
> >
> > I haven't thought of him as a teen since the late 60s. To my way of thinking, he's at least 23-24 if not 28-30.
> >
> > So I'm not surprised Marvel is taking him back to his teens (and thus perhaps make him more identifiable to film audiences), and reviving Cap in the process. Spidey's got a lot of baggage that should go, IMO.
> >
> > This would be an excellent time to 'correct'/tweek a lot (I mean, A LOT) of other things too within the MU too, which they should have taken advantage of at the time of HOM, and didn't. At least Brubaker has fixed Lorna all on his own.
> >
> > I wouldn't mind seeing CW go away either, though leaving the 50-state teams with us might not be a bad idea. Getting rid of the NA team (forever!) and changing back IM into a less than uber-impervious 'hero' might not be a bad idea either....this new IM just astinks on every level and is 100% uninteresting, not more so.
> >
> > ...and while they're at it, making their huge cast of villians and criminals viable again, from the Wrecker and Mr. Hyde to Mephisto and Kang, would also be an excellent idea.

CW has come and gone, and I can't see what hope any villain or villain group has against 50s states, each with its own super hero team, especially when the, say, Montana and North Dakota teams may fly over to help the South Dakota team against the Mandrill, Nekra, and the Black Talon. And that sort of aid becomes yawningly routine throughout the MU.

CW has come and gone, and left a lot of hero-team building to do, but once that's done, who will be able to stand against SHIELD, the Initiative, etc?

Where is there for the drama and the action in the MU to go?

There's only so many Doctor Dooms and Red Skulls to go around; Kang is 'dead,' the Mandarin is dead, Annihilus is dead, Magento is dead (or not dead), Loki is dead, the Leader we haven't seen in some time....and Galactus and/or the Celestials can't drop down from the sky every other day to provide the heroes with a reason for being.

And let's face it: even if the Mandarin, Mr. Sinister, Doctor Doom, and the Leader teamed up for a massive attack, what could they possibly do that 500 or more heroes couldn't stop or control in some way?

So it may be that now that CW has boosted sales, it's on to the next Big Event, whether it makes sense, is any good, or not. CW has boxed writers into a tight corner.

And retooling SM in such a manner would bring in huge sales and media coverage...and after the Death of Cap, I'm sure Marvel Brass and stockholders are clamoring for 'more of that, more of that.'

I can't see the point of sending Cap back to the 40s, since that would keep him out of the MU Proper in the present, but they may have some justification for doing so, rational or not.

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