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Posted: Mon Mar 26, 2007 at 03:04:48 pm EDT
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> > As I've said recently, when was the last time any of us thought of Peter Parker as a teen in the MU Proper, despite the SM films?
> >
> he's not even really a teenager in those either for that matter, he's well into college. in light of ultimate spiderman the whole thing strikes me as completely and utterly pointless, unless it is a "college years" spiderman, but even then I think its a horrible idea just slightly less horrible.
> > I haven't thought of him as a teen since the late 60s. To my way of thinking, he's at least 23-24 if not 28-30.
> >
> yeah he's near 30 in my mind, I actually like him as a school teacher.
> > So I'm not surprised Marvel is taking him back to his teens (and thus perhaps make him more identifiable to film audiences), and reviving Cap in the process. Spidey's got a lot of baggage that should go, IMO.
> >
> any for instances? i don't disagree just want to hear what you think. i think that the neglect of spiderman's supporting cast (flash, betty, etc) has been lamentable. of course baggage comes with the territory when you have 3 or 4 comics focusing on a character (same thing with batman and superman)
> > This would be an excellent time to 'correct'/tweek a lot (I mean, A LOT) of other things too within the MU too, which they should have taken advantage of at the time of HOM, and didn't. At least Brubaker has fixed Lorna all on his own.
> >
> i don't know, like you mention with the brubaker example im not sure how much of this stuff needs a "cosmic reset" to fix it, just better writing.
> > I wouldn't mind seeing CW go away either, though leaving the 50-state teams with us might not be a bad idea. Getting rid of the NA team (forever!) and changing back IM into a less than uber-impervious 'hero' might not be a bad idea either....this new IM just astinks on every level and is 100% uninteresting, not more so.
> >
> i think it will be torn apart at some point, and im interested to see the meltdown.
> > ...and while they're at it, making their huge cast of villians and criminals viable again, from the Wrecker and Mr. Hyde to Mephisto and Kang, would also be an excellent idea.
> YES! biggest problem these days