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Subj: Marvel is not a Monolith.
Posted: Tue Mar 27, 2007 at 01:24:06 am EDT
Reply Subj: Re: Yeah, But Marvel Is Against The War & The Bush Admin., Like All Liberal Media - NT [SP
Posted: Mon Mar 26, 2007 at 11:49:14 am EDT

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> > > I can't see the point of sending Cap back to the 40s, since that would keep him out of the MU Proper in the present, but they may have some justification for doing so, rational or not.
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> > To show America as heroes in a war, which would be, you know, the opposite of current reality?
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heres how it all could be fixed....go out and kill Wanda, and as it turns out the world is reverted back to before she made her first Spidey is a teen, x-men only have the originally team (looks like Jean Grey cheated death again) the orginal Avengers are still together (Cap may or may not be in a block of ice still)......sure many of our favorites are not on the amap yet, but that too is an easy fix

I am sure that at Marvel there are both supporters and dissenters of the Administration and their wars. I am sure that I am not aware of Marvel being firmly a liberal, as opposed to a neo-con, media insttution. To imagine that the company itself is somehow anti-bush is to make yet another groundless assumption.