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Subj: The kid sidekick: Luna
Posted: Wed Mar 28, 2007 at 09:12:05 am CDT
Reply Subj: How bout a teenage sidekick...Kid Konshu?
Posted: Wed Mar 28, 2007 at 08:14:51 am CDT

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> > Ex-mercanary, Egyptian god/resurrections, multiple identities...all this makes for a hard one to two sentence sell of the character. Often the most appealing characters are the simple ones.
> >
> > Let's face it-Moon Knight is not a character you can sum up briefly.
> How about, 'vigilante-avatar of the Egyptian god of vengeance'?

Okay, you and Omar have convinced me that maybe he can be summed up in a couple of sentences.
> >I'm sure this has turned off people to the character. When I was younger I had no interest in Moon Knight but my friend did. I read those Moench/Sienkiwicz tales at his house and got interested for a brief time-mostly due to Werewolf by Night being in the book, an old favorite of mine. Still, I never quite "got" what Moon Knight was all about and Marc Spector never appealed to me as a character.
> >
> > I agree that he has potential and have heard good things about the current series, but I have no desire to check it out. The character just doesn't exude excitement IMO. If he is to stay a "street-level" character then I'd minimize the mystical influence, dump the multiple identities, and give him a decent arch-enemy.
> >
> By doing that though, you effectively kill what unique elements the character has going for him. His ties to Egyptian mythology, besides being a part of his origin as well as being an essential part of his character make-up like his mental problems and his resulting unique secret identity set-up(in an age where Marvel has eliminated secret ID's, this is a character who maintains 4 of them!), really do help to make Moon Knight who he is and w/out that mystical element(as well as his multiple identities) he really does come off as just a Batman rip-off, despite the numerous differences between the two.

Has his reaction to Civil War and the whole identity issue been raised? I'm interested in that.

I've read many Moon Knight stories over the years and perhaps it is just me, the character just doesn't grab me and make me want to learn more about him. Based on sales data mentioned in another post it sounds like his book is healthy and maybe it'll have a long run.

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Moon Knight's story has plenty of substance and should be explored by a dedicated writer that can truely explore MK's part of the MU.

I've always thought solo books need a supporting cast that readers can care about. A good supporting cast helps us understand the nuances of the hero. ex. Spiderman

Aunt May-mother figure allows intimate family moments

Mary Jane-long time girlfriend let us see Pete's insecurities as a single guy and expand his emotions as a husband.

JJJameson-Boss-He holds Peter's money and Spidey's public image in his hands-both conflicts to be outwitted.

Harry Osborn-friend and enemy. Peter attempts to be Harry's saviour

Flash Thompson-High School rival. He unleashes Peter's repressed teenage angst prior to the spider bite.

The icon for this is Batman/Robin. Robin allowed Batman to be a father figure and soften him for a younger and larger fan base.

All I'm saying is that even though MK has a great backstory, we need more than Frenchie to let us into our hero's head.

oh well
just a thought

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