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Subj: Don't Agree At All - How Do You Know The ** Hasn't Changed? [SPOILERS]
Posted: Wed Mar 28, 2007 at 09:46:15 am CDT
Reply Subj: Re: Yeah, As If That's Realistic - [SPOILERS]
Posted: Wed Mar 28, 2007 at 09:29:30 am CDT

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> ...and I hardly think Pierre would be afraid, as he's shown to be here, of a few...pansies like these NW.
> He's fought Thor, IM, and the Avengers to a standstill, and has some fairly awesome powers...and yet, here again, we see Marvel treating its classic villains like mindless cannon fodder.

I wish people would stop reading oiff past resumes like it actually means a damn thing. Characters grow, standards change. Grey Gargoyle has been pretty much the same, while the world around him has grown and changed. It's only natural the new guys would surpass him.

And, it's worth noting that there's evidence that the Warriors aren't new guys at all. So it's not rookies taking him down. it simply because the writers need a pantsy, and pull him out of the villain pool the same way they constantly do with the Rhino, Mr. Hyde, the Wrecker, the Shocker, and others?

Thor is dead---he hasn't progressed. Cap is dead--he hasn't progressed. Spider Woman has become a weepy, hand-wringing mess--this is progression? Spider Man's web has become so tangled no one really knows what the hell is going on with the character anymore, and fewer even care. Monica Rambeau/Pulsar has gone from an intelligent, disciplined, emotionaly-mature adult woman to a nasty black urban stereotype who spouts idiotic remarks. That's progress to you? Daredevil has been completely flummoxed by life itself (ah, the horror, the horror) for years now.

And I could go on about the number of 'classic' (or near-classic, at the very least, established) characters that have become utter bores or have been badly mishandled by amatuers: including Gambit, for instance, Machine Man, and Storm (thankfully, Carey and Brubaker have done wonders recently for Polaris, Rogue, and Mystique, and to a lesser degree, to Ice Man, Havok, and Cable).

IM has become a monster and almost a god in terms of power, and is thus no longer interesting, at least to me.

Reed and Hank Pym let many of us down during CW--is that character progression? Maybe to you, it is. To me, it's just laziness on the parts of the writers, which alter these classic character's personalities to fit their stilted storylines. But Pym's a whack-job, so what does it matter what's done with or to him--Right?

The Grey Gargoyle is no slouch---he has a very deadly power, and one he can easily use on enemies. IF he has'nt devloped in the manner in which you suggest, it's because....

....dragging him in and out of books in a few panels to get a story going is no way to show respect for such a character.

Leap Frog I can see being used this way, and perhaps the Gibbon or the Grizzly, or even the Vulture in a worse-case scenario, but not the GG, not Electro, not the Living Laser, Avalanche, Spiral, Vertigo, the Cobra, the Unicorn, or characters of that caliber.

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