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Subj: Did You Ever Read The IM Issue In Which... [SPOILERS]
Posted: Wed Mar 28, 2007 at 12:00:24 pm EDT
Reply Subj: Re: How About This Scerario? [SPOILERS]
Posted: Wed Mar 28, 2007 at 11:44:04 am EDT

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> ....working with a criminal teleporter, say, Spiral (or, say, Diablo), the GG and Spiral teleport into the Oval Office, the GG taps Bush on the neck from behind, and they teleport out, either with the stone Bush statue, or leaving it behind to be found by the secret service--or perhaps first crushing it into rubble.
> They might do this on their own, but more likely, as a huge terrorist attack on the country or the West itself by a new Masters of Evil.
> Bingo. The GG has just been 'intelligently used.' ThatGuy speaks as if the GG's limited powers in themselves make him a patsy. Most heroes and criminals have limited powers.
> And speaking of Diablo, Kurt made great creative use of him during his Avengers run.
> Just because a villain was used in the Silver Age...ah, thinking they're useless is most likely a prejudice of 'those who weren't there then.'

It's not that he was created in the Silver Age. Rather, it's that he hasn't changed in power, motivation, accomplishments and personality since then. That equals patsy, in my book.

...the GG posed as a successful sculptor who specialized in life-size female figures? Well, it turned out to be the GG freezing women into stautues and selling them. Not a bad twist on the GG formula, I thought. And fairly creative for a single-issue story.

About the same time, the Radioactive Man took a job as a regular (non-green) human being at the huge science-based corporation so he could use their resources to conduct his own experiments. That made sense to me; no reason that he necessarily has to be green, toting a glue gun, and wearing a mini-tunic.

Over the years, we've seen many, many criminals used creatively and imaginatively, and also the opposite: some have been ruined by 'progress,' like the Plant Man and Black Tom.

I see no reason why the GG can't fly around in his costume causing havok; maybe he could have the Fixer make him invisible when he wants to be, so that he can sneak up on those he wants to turn to stone.

I belive he'd make an excellent addition to any new Masters of Evil.