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Subj: Re: New Warriors#1 Preview [SPOILERS]
Posted: Thu Mar 29, 2007 at 09:02:09 am CDT
Reply Subj: Re: New Warriors#1 Preview [SPOILERS]
Posted: Wed Mar 28, 2007 at 07:40:52 pm CDT

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> Not interested. I liked the New Warriors back in the day, but And Marvel has been batting waaaaaay below average when it comes to introducing new characters

I disagree. I think The Runaways, Young Avengers, and the Gravity LS introduced a whole slew of new and interesting characters.

>(see Avengers: The Initiative, this new New Warriors book, and other Marvel titles for the past few years). Not only that, but the Grey Gargoyle once again gets treated like a pansy, as he did in CIVIL WAR: THE INITIATIVE. *rhe*

Eh...Grey Gargoyle I always found lame just like Stilt-Man. Although the Punisher took care of that last one. \:\-\)

Still I am a NW fan so I'm curious what it's about. I may or may not check it out.

The Runaways are okay but no big deal (to me), while I liked the Young Avengers at first but lost interest in them totally due to the writer taking way too long to put out the work. And making Kate Bishop the new Hawkeye was just wrong. However, I forgot about gravity, and I agree with you about him. I also forgot about the Hood, who I also like.