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Subj: That Helped, Doc - I Agree About Crystal's Appearence [SPOILERS]
Posted: Thu Mar 29, 2007 at 11:14:31 am EDT
Reply Subj: Re: My Thoughts On The Mephisto Figure & Yesterday's Books; A Few Questions [SPOILERS]
Posted: Thu Mar 29, 2007 at 10:52:22 am EDT

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> McDuffie's Fantastic Four was...rather fantastic. THIS was the FF I've wanted to see: guest stars galore (Deathlok in human form, the Silver Surfer, Epoch, Starlight, the Watcher), a space mission, action, adventure, mystery.....and all in one issue! THIS single issue would have taken Bendis 9 boring issues to tell in NA.

I agree about the FF. This was a very good issue and the McDuffie/Pelletier team is excellent.
> Great characterization throughout, though I doubt the Black Panther would have pointed the Ultimate Nullifier (another sort of 'guest star') at the Watcher without understanding what the UN is and does, nor did he seem to take into consideration the ramifications of killing the Watcher (or, A Watcher).

Yeah, this was pure bluff all the way. If the Watcher was nullified, the Earth would be screwed. Panther knows this. I didn't mind it though, because it does show how the team operates without Reed. Reed would have simply asked Uatu without the need for drama.
> Also, I doubt Storm, Johnny, and the others would demand back Gravity's body when Epoch was telling them that she/it needed his body for some truly grand, selfless cosmic reason...shouldn't they have heard her out first?

Maybe, but it looks like the Surfer's arrival will put a stop to any dialogue.
> All in all, this issue was wonderfully Marvel-inclusive and felt like a great imaginative 80s title. The Alan Davis-stye art was also terrific.
> I look forward to continuing to read this series...especially with the (Wingless) Wizard going to Saturn (somehow) to attack Sue and Reed in a few issues! Yowza! I love it!
> Silent War: Well, I have to admit that I was a bit confused by this issue, and it seemed like a plateau issue in this 6-part series. Quicksilver's jumping around time, the presence of the obnoxious Layla Miller, and the backward-forward-backward way the story was told and illustrated left me at something of a loss in terms of clarity. I have to read it again: I'm not sure what's going on, but there seems to be major trouble ahead on the moon for the Inhumans. Will they lose their home again?

This issue has lingered on my mind since I read it, and I'm really enjoying this mini. Layla Miller, a useless character in House of M, has been given substance in the hands of Peter David and Hine. What a wicked, wicked little girl. Here's how I interpreted it(and I have to admit I had to dwell on it for a bit): Layla hates Pietro. Due to the fact that she "knows stuff", she knew that the Inhumans would confront Pietro. Now, as stated in the issue, Pietro could have escaped easily, but he stayed and took his beating. Why? Because at some previous time, Layla had instructed Pietro to jump ahead in time and view the events. She let Pietro see the resolution-in which it appears Crystal and Quicksilver kiss and make up, but manipulated the events so he couldn't actually hear what was being said-which in actuality was Crystal dumping Pietro for good with one last kiss and hug goodbye.
She got his hopes up and made him endure all this only to be crushed at the end. Like I said-wicked girl. As far as the Inhumans home...well, since we know this event takes place before CW and Planet Hulk, I think we can assume everything works out. However, Pietro's vision of destruction and Luna's concern over Black Bolt surely caused the rather startling decision made by Medusa at issue's end.

I love this series. I hope Hine gets a full-time monthly soon.
> However, it was also wonderfully 'Marvel Inclusive,' with Multiple Man, Guido, Maximus the Mad, and others popping up the way they might (or should). So far, it's just a bit less good for me than Son of M was. But I'm enjoying it.

Frazier's art seems bad in place(He makes Crystal look like a 6 year old girl), but the overall moody, creepy style is fitting for this story.

> I didn't bother with the new issue of Wolverine...two issues was enough for me, since not much happened except some howling werewolves dreams and yet another seemingly endless Sabertooth/Logan bout. Does anyone want to spoil the new issue for me? If it sounds worthy, I'll pick it up.

I gave it the old flip-through. The art looks nice but are they going to battle every issue? I thought Sabretooth couldn't heal rapidly anymore, has that changed?
> Also, did the new Punisher come out about the new Hate Monger? If so, that's another book I'm interested in reading. The HM is, to me, the Bomb, and that's any HM, whether the Hitler Clone, Man-Beast, The Animus, or someone new.

I don't know anything about it but I wouldn't be surprised if Punisher defeats him with one punch.

I've started to pick up Carey's X-Men by the way. I purchased the first 3 issues of his run, 188-190. I'll be reading them this weekend but I wanted to get up to speed because I'll probably be investing in this year's X-Crossover, which actually sounds interesting.
> Peace all.

Glad you also enjoyed the new FF. What fun! This book is going to be a grand ride. I'm on for all of McDuffie's tenure. With one issue! Just like Brubaker fixing Lorna in Uncanny. THAT'S a writer.

Are you sure the Panther was bluffing? I didn't get the feeling he was, though obviously the way Johnny gave Storm the info about the UN's location was done lightly. If it was a bluff, then the Panther rather underestimates the Watcher's intelligence.

Thanks for the wrap on SW. I'm sure you've got it down correctly. Now I think I've got it. Unfortunately, I was so confused that I stopped caring about 3/4ths of the way through, at least in a big way. The writer lost me. I do like the way Pietro is being used here and developed....and yes, Crystal and Luna looked almost interchangeable to me.

..but how did you interpret the last page? Medusa is giving it (and I mean 'It') up to Maximus in exchange for some kind of favor? What favor? Please explain---again. Tell all.

From the pcitures I've seen, the new Hate Monger is a really powerfully-built, uber-villain of the first or second magnitude, and not being treated like cannon fodder. I'm anxious to see who he is and what goes down.

Glad to hear you're on board for Carey's X-book. It's my favorite X-book right now--I think you'll find it a load of fun. Rogue hasn't been this interesting in 20 years. And I liked the second arc even better than the first.

I believe that, yes, Sabertooth's healing factor is still 'off,' which is good. Making him and Logan so impervious is foolish and boring, as IM has now become (except, of course, that he's a woman robot for the time being).

What is your understanding of the new X-cross-over? I see a lot of dazzling art (and a cool Art Adams Avengers poster to bootm, which even contains YellowJacket II, but I couldn't find Deathcry, just for the record), but I couldn't get any handle on what the cross-over/Big Event is actually about.

Thanks, as always.

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