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Subj: What Happened With... [SPOILERS]
Posted: Thu Mar 29, 2007 at 11:02:24 am CDT
Reply Subj: My Thoughts On The Mephisto Figure & Yesterday's Books; A Few Questions [SPOILERS]
Posted: Thu Mar 29, 2007 at 09:21:59 am CDT

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Indeed, the Mephsito figure is a mixed bag. The body is awesome, the head however looks like it was created by some other group altogether and then shoved on the torso.

I don't mind the expression on the face, but the paint on it is horrendous, and very transparent and drippy looking (I picked out the best of the lot at my comic store). The neck is too big (a 'Capt. Mar-Vell' neck I now call such necks) and wide, and the head too small for the neck.

Also, the figure is a bit small and skimpy for a Marvel Select figure; it looks a lot more like a ToyBix ML figure.

But he sits well in his rather cool chair (which I wish would have been detailed a bit in terms of paint), and I'm glad to finally have him; you can stand Blackheart behind or to the side of the chair, and you've got a nice little vision of Marvel Hell--and the Marvel Hell First Family.

McDuffie's Fantastic Four was...rather fantastic. THIS was the FF I've wanted to see: guest stars galore (Deathlok in human form, the Silver Surfer, Epoch, Starlight, the Watcher), a space mission, action, adventure, mystery.....and all in one issue! THIS single issue would have taken Bendis 9 boring issues to tell in NA.

And this issue completely lacked the FF endless hand-wringing we've seen for the last couple of years, and stinky art.

Great characterization throughout, though I doubt the Black Panther would have pointed the Ultimate Nullifier (another sort of 'guest star') at the Watcher without understanding what the UN is and does, nor did he seem to take into consideration the ramifications of killing the Watcher (or, A Watcher).

Also, I doubt Storm, Johnny, and the others would demand back Gravity's body when Epoch was telling them that she/it needed his body for some truly grand, selfless cosmic reason...shouldn't they have heard her out first?

All in all, this issue was wonderfully Marvel-inclusive and felt like a great imaginative 80s title. The Alan Davis-stye art was also terrific.

I look forward to continuing to read this series...especially with the (Wingless) Wizard going to Saturn (somehow) to attack Sue and Reed in a few issues! Yowza! I love it!

Silent War: Well, I have to admit that I was a bit confused by this issue, and it seemed like a plateau issue in this 6-part series. Quicksilver's jumping around time, the presence of the obnoxious Layla Miller, and the backward-forward-backward way the story was told and illustrated left me at something of a loss in terms of clarity. I have to read it again: I'm not sure what's going on, but there seems to be major trouble ahead on the moon for the Inhumans. Will they lose their home again?

However, it was also wonderfully 'Marvel Inclusive,' with Multiple Man, Guido, Maximus the Mad, and others popping up the way they might (or should). So far, it's just a bit less good for me than Son of M was. But I'm enjoying it.

Marvel Previews...well, Save Your Pennies. A lot of good stuff seems to be coming out, especially in the X-books. The artwork on display was fantastic. I also look forward to Mighty Avengers, the preview of which said that Ultron 'rules the world' (a bit too soon after CW, I think) and the Black Widow takes over SHIELD! The second part sounds quite good to me. I hope she knocks off Agent Hill.

I didn't bother with the new issue of Wolverine...two issues was enough for me, since not much happened except some howling werewolves dreams and yet another seemingly endless Sabertooth/Logan bout. Does anyone want to spoil the new issue for me? If it sounds worthy, I'll pick it up.

Also, did the new Punisher come out about the new Hate Monger? If so, that's another book I'm interested in reading. The HM is, to me, the Bomb, and that's any HM, whether the Hitler Clone, Man-Beast, The Animus, or someone new.

Peace all.


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