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Subj: My Only Problem With The Finch Cover Is... [SPOILERS]
Posted: Thu Mar 29, 2007 at 02:59:20 pm EDT
Reply Subj: give it up for Maximus [SPOILERS]
Posted: Thu Mar 29, 2007 at 12:58:16 pm EDT

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> In Marvel Previews, they show the cover of X-men 200 (there are two, including an awesome Finch variant), which shows the various X-Men (not just Carey's team; Peter is there) going up against the revamped Maurauders, which includes Random, Vertigo, Arclight, Scalphunter, Riptide, a flaming guy I recognize but can't put my finger on, and one or two others (no Sabertooth or Malice shown; there is a pretty blonmd woman in white I don't recognize, who looks like Dagger [but can't be], and might be the Mutate Whitehout sans her headress).
> This confirms to me that Random was dealing with Mr. Sinister at the end of the X-Men annual, and is now a Maurauder. I think Carey will do this evil team, much beloved by me, and Mr. Sinister, who has been watered down over the years, proud.

I've seen the Finch cover, which is very impressive. It's been so long since I've followed the x-books(Uncanny and X-Factor have brought me back), but I still fondly remember the Marauder/mutant massacre days. I hope it reinvigorates Sinister as well, and perhaps the extinction of the mutant race is a goal of his, for reasons yet unstated. With the mutant population down to a small number a new group of Marauders has to be considered a major threat.
> So you think Medusa might be offering her womanhood to Maximus? In exhange for help of some kind? I loved Maximus back in the Day, when he was a part of the Kree-SKrull War and led his evil Inhumans around, including Timberius (an early prototype of what Black Tom Cassady and the Plant Man would become), the Lion-like guy, and the centaur-like guy (Stallionus?). Where are they now? Timberius was especially cool.

Well, while the jury is still out if she's offering her womanhood up(I hope not), I do think she will make some sort of deal with Maximus. Maximus states something like "you again" so you can assume she's come to him before. It will be interesting to see how it plays out.

Maximus hasn't been a major player in a while, at least that I remember. Reestablishing him as one of the top baddies would be a good move IMO.
> By the way--SPOILER--the initial pages for Planet Hulk show Hulk going up against Blackbolt (and on the moon, hint), who gives Hulk the full vocal scream treatment--I mean the FULL SALVO--and the Hulk just gets up and comes after him. Great Romita Jr. art''Medusa looks fantastic, and is back in costume.

I think I saw these pics over at Newsarama. It does look impressive and I'm looking forward to the series, although I think I will only get the main mini and Hulk book tie-ins. Unless Hulk kills Sally Floyd, in which case I'll buy multiple copies of that issue. \:\-\)
> Peace.

That Lorna's too small and way to the side/back. P-U on that. I mean, even Darwin is more prominent. But otherwise it's fairly grand.

I hope you also remember the Marauder's finest hour, which was before and during Inferno, when Lorna was possessed by Malice in rather grand style--and Malice was responsible for Lorna's awful hair, she had to be! It was terrific that they struck and withdrew, struck and withdrew, instead of simply participating in one battle, losing, and being rounded up, which is so often the very tired case.

I, too, hope Medusa won't be offering up her womanhood to Maximus, as that certainly wouldn't please BB, be very royal, nor is it necessary in hero comics to have such scenes.

But somehow I got that feeling that that is what we were to infer. I just can't imagine what he could do for her that someone else couldn't, unless she really needs a rogue for some reason. But yes, it would be grand to see him return to prominence as a Red Skull/Doctor Doom/Loki/Mandarin-level threat.

Do you remember this cover? Go, Maximus, go. Neal Adams will always be The Man in my book.

Yours too, I bet, and JimJ's.

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