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Subj: I See What You're Saying [SPOILERS]
Posted: Wed Apr 04, 2007 at 11:41:23 am EDT
Reply Subj: Yes, But That's Because You Want/Accept Such Humor In Hero Comics
Posted: Wed Apr 04, 2007 at 11:21:41 am EDT

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...and I don't. The kind of humor we found in Silver and Bronze Age Spider Man was fine for that title or series of titles, but 99% of Marvel's output then didn't need it or utilize it, and certainly not on any kind of regular basis.

Imagine the classic FF 100, in which they fought an army of super villains after crashing landing in the middle of nowhere, if once on every page Crystal, Sue, Johnny or Reed said, 'Oh Yeah--Dragon Man--RIGHT. I'm Shivering in my Boots! Bring it On, Big Boy."

I have no problem with a hero putting a criminal's head in a toilet, but

A) it's a stilted, unoriginal, and over-used tool (and in more ways than one, in the 'Nelson' sense, 'I feel like such a tool') in less-than-firstrate films and television programs;


B) The way it was done was clearly farcical. It was intended to be 'funny' to the reader and also hugely insulting to the GR. It was a Tarantino-esque take on such an action, just like most of the rest of the book. I doubt his headgear would have fit in the john.

That's not my cup of tea. No one will ever take the GR seriosuly again; "Oh--that's the bloke that that Afro Chick flushed down the crapper! Haha. Yeah, right--HE'S attacking the X-Men? Haha."

That's what comes of such disrespect, as we clearly see voiced on this board all the time, even in this series of posts. and Ryker used to do it on the Avengers board daily.

I'm not actually that big of a fan of so-called super-hero humor comics. It's pretty well known how much I can't stand Dan Slott's writing. I don't think he's even remotely funny. And I don't think Bendis is that funny, either, because he overdoes it. He has every character cracking jokes in NEW AVENGERS when it should be limited to just Spider-Man. That said, somehow HEROES FOR HIRE works for me. Who knows why? Chalk it up to one of life's little mysteries. It may be because, despite the quirky humor, H4H still has tons of action and genuinely serious moments. Orka's death was extremely well done and had more meaning to me than other deaths I won't mention. I mean, the poor guy got a giant hole blown through his chest. And Shang-Chi going all ballistic on the Headmen was fabulous. Orka was his ally, and he didn't think Orka deserved what happened to him. Shang even went so far as to bust up his own hands in order to take down the Doombot. That kind of thing balances out the quirky aspects of the title. At least I think so.

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