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Subj: wow. I just finished reading this and came to post my thoughts here...
Posted: Wed Apr 04, 2007 at 04:30:08 pm EDT
Reply Subj: Is The Initative Supposed to Be A Youth/Kiddy Book? [SPOILERS]
Posted: Wed Apr 04, 2007 at 03:18:20 pm EDT

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I'm rather surprised at the way some characters are portrayed, and the way a lot of the younger characters are continuously drawn making awkward, geeky, and juvenile expressions. If this is how this book will continue, and I'll give it a few more issues, No Thanks.

There's no reason that younger people have to be portrayed as weird, unsophisticated idiots.

I can't beleive that the Bengal, for instance, needs to be treated like a moron by his 'drill instructor,' a parody straight out of An Officer and A Gentleman, or that, seeing the way the others are being treated in some cases, that Stingray would stand casually by and receive similar orders.

And after what Triathlon went through in outer space with the 3-D Man and the Triune Understanding culprits at the end of Kurt's run, I hardly think he needs to be 'drafted' at this level.

I'm no fan of Slott's writing so far either, but I'm giving this book a few more issues to come around and start treating itself with respect.

But if it's a Generation X knock-off, I'll drop it.

Sad to think that Ultimo battled Iron Man for MUtime years to a stand-still, and here he's giving the Mighty Avengers a run for their money, and then some dinkbat named Armory takes him down in one blast (and puts a hole right through him, a big one), even though Ms. Marvel has just said Ultimo's armor is 'nearly indestructible.'

Is Slott thinking this all through, or just drumming it all up in the tub while collecting a fat paycheck?



this issue just left me with the worst taste in my mouth ever. I will not be picking up anymore of these.

holy shit. I feel like I just read a Starship Troopers bootcamp book.

talk about facists inheriting the earth.

honestly. I think this is one of the worst pieces of shit Ive read in probably 10 years.

just absolutely vile.

I dont know about anyone else. But I have much better things to do then read about children being abused and killed and tortured in the guise of some type of bootcamp.

holy f*ck. what did I just read??

shame on you marvel. I just tore this copy up and threw it in the garbage. I dont even want it in my collection.