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Subj: Didn't care for it at all [SPOILERS]
Posted: Wed Apr 04, 2007 at 07:33:04 pm EDT
Reply Subj: Is The Initative Supposed to Be A Youth/Kiddy Book? [SPOILERS]
Posted: Wed Apr 04, 2007 at 03:18:20 pm EDT

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I'm rather surprised at the way some characters are portrayed, and the way a lot of the younger characters are continuously drawn making awkward, geeky, and juvenile expressions. If this is how this book will continue, and I'll give it a few more issues, No Thanks.

There's no reason that younger people have to be portrayed as weird, unsophisticated idiots.

I can't beleive that the Bengal, for instance, needs to be treated like a moron by his 'drill instructor,' a parody straight out of An Officer and A Gentleman, or that, seeing the way the others are being treated in some cases, that Stingray would stand casually by and receive similar orders.

And after what Triathlon went through in outer space with the 3-D Man and the Triune Understanding culprits at the end of Kurt's run, I hardly think he needs to be 'drafted' at this level.

I'm no fan of Slott's writing so far either, but I'm giving this book a few more issues to come around and start treating itself with respect.

But if it's a Generation X knock-off, I'll drop it.

Sad to think that Ultimo battled Iron Man for MUtime years to a stand-still, and here he's giving the Mighty Avengers a run for their money, and then some dinkbat named Armory takes him down in one blast (and puts a hole right through him, a big one), even though Ms. Marvel has just said Ultimo's armor is 'nearly indestructible.'

Is Slott thinking this all through, or just drumming it all up in the tub while collecting a fat paycheck?

This series so far is basically trying to prove that the anti-registration folk were right. The government is shown as completely totalitarian. Gyrich (who was never a likeable) person recruits Gauntlet who is the definition of a *&^**ing (&&^ (don't try to figure out what it means). The New Warriors are completely disrespected (at least Justice said something, but Rage was surprisingly quiet) and their name dragged through the mud. Sure I agree that they messed up, but did everyone conveniently forget all the good that they had done?

The purpose of the book is completely defeated as one of the recruits dies on the first day (ironically he was one of the only of the new characters that I even remotely cared for) and then everyone covers it up and acts like nothing happened. Its too out there, and especially considering that these are kids we are talking about, it didn't sit well with me.

This issue just left a bad taste in my mouth. I don't mind Slott, I don't see why everyone is so nuts about him as his Thing was just ok. His GLA was pretty funny but I never liked his She Hulk (Spider-Man/Human Torch was great though). This issue just didn't do it for me. It showed off everything wrong with the registration act, which imo really shouldn't be the point of the story (especially not so soon) and didn't cast any of the characters in a positive light (except for one who got offed before the issue ended). This issue just left a bad taste in my mouth. I'll pick up the next one but if the series continues as is I will drop it.

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