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Subj: I'm a teen too... [SPOILERS]
Posted: Wed Apr 04, 2007 at 09:23:29 pm CDT
Reply Subj: I loved it [SPOILERS]
Posted: Wed Apr 04, 2007 at 08:12:46 pm CDT

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But maybe thats just because I AM a teenager. Those kids were pretty much accurate. Remember,these kids are being drafted and rightfully so. These are the kids the Registration Act was drafted for. Theyre incredibly powerful, cocky, and untrained. Armory lost her head in a training excerise and people died. Thats what happens. Too often in comics, every single kid who somehow seems to stumble upon a power accidently is presented as perfect if prehaps untrained. Thats not the case. If the basis of this camp is to weed out the kids unfit to be heroes, they did their job in this issue. Oh, and Justice is a mentor, not a student. And Gyrich has always been like that. He's Gyrich. He was putting Captain America's balls in the grinder about Afirmative Action way back when comics were shiny and new and were never dark.
My only real gripe is that Rage is in with the newbies. I mean, the guy was an Avengers way before Justice. He put in a good word for him with Cap and everything. Oh well, I guess he's mentally a teenager still.

Anyways, I loved it. I'll be sticking around a good long time.

Marvel needs more teen books like this and Runaways and less like the old New Warriors (sorry). Except for Justice. He's alright in my book.

...but didn't like it. It wasn't even the teens in the book that bothered me as it was the supporting characters. Gauntlet places Armory in a situation for Trauma to influence her, but he has no idea how Trauma's powers work? And he's supposed to be "experienced"? That was just ridiculous. Killing MVP was just pointless and I fail to see how Armory is completely at fault. Sure she lost it, but she is deadly afraid of spiders (not to mention giant spiders), plus she is just a rookie. She shouldn't have been placed in that situation to begin with, at least not without Gauntlet having assessed the situation to begin with. Oh and Gauntlet refering to the New Warriors so casually was just plain old bad taste. They made a mistake in Stamford that caused lives, but they've done a lot of good too. Plus the New Warrior to survive is at least trying to attone for what his role in the tragedy.

It wasn't completely bad though. Glad to see Justice sort of stick up for his teammates. Glad to see that focus is building a superhuman army to police the US, and not invade other countries. The few positives for this book are the only things letting me give this book a second chance.