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Subj: Your First Line Says It All! I'm Glad It Worked For You: Here's Why It Didn't For Me [SPOILERS]
Posted: Thu Apr 05, 2007 at 09:27:14 am EDT
Reply Subj: I loved it [SPOILERS]
Posted: Wed Apr 04, 2007 at 09:12:46 pm EDT

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But maybe thats just because I AM a teenager. Those kids were pretty much accurate. Remember,these kids are being drafted and rightfully so. These are the kids the Registration Act was drafted for. Theyre incredibly powerful, cocky, and untrained. Armory lost her head in a training excerise and people died. Thats what happens. Too often in comics, every single kid who somehow seems to stumble upon a power accidently is presented as perfect if prehaps untrained. Thats not the case. If the basis of this camp is to weed out the kids unfit to be heroes, they did their job in this issue. Oh, and Justice is a mentor, not a student. And Gyrich has always been like that. He's Gyrich. He was putting Captain America's balls in the grinder about Afirmative Action way back when comics were shiny and new and were never dark.
My only real gripe is that Rage is in with the newbies. I mean, the guy was an Avengers way before Justice. He put in a good word for him with Cap and everything. Oh well, I guess he's mentally a teenager still.

Anyways, I loved it. I'll be sticking around a good long time.

Marvel needs more teen books like this and Runaways and less like the old New Warriors (sorry). Except for Justice. He's alright in my book.

C'mon---IN THE VERY FIRST ISSUE, the training goes wrong in a huge way, a young hero is killed, and then a massive cover-up begins? That's a rather weak, obvious, easy, and lame premise, IMO.

WHEN will Marvel ever begin to portray and dramatize real heroism again?

WHY does the apple always have to have a rotten core under Joe Q?