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Subj: I just want my opinion known, so here are my thoughts on Annilation: HOG: #2
Posted: Thu Apr 05, 2007 at 09:00:30 pm EDT
Reply Subj: Reviews of Heralds of Galactus #2 and Omega Flight #1 [SPOILERS]
Posted: Thu Apr 05, 2007 at 01:21:10 am EDT

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Two Scott Kolins drawn issues this week, so I got to say kudos to him for his work on the Firestorm half of Heralds and his work on Omega Flight. The art was very nice in both issues, very dynamic, I especially liked the art for Talisman's spirit vision. Anyway, on to the reviews:

Omega Flight #1: There are two ways to assemble a superhero team, all at once or over several issues. Oeming has chosen the latter, but at the same time the first issue covers a lot of ground. Canada is shown as the biggest victim of Marvel's Civil War as Tony Stark's success in uniting superheroes has apparently driven supervillains northward, and Sasquatch is called on to assemble a new team, Omega Flight. Sasquatch is unable to convince Talisman to join and has to take on the Wrecking Crew alone. First off the pain that Sasquatch is going through resonates this issue and the reason for assembling Omega Flight is pretty well constructed. The fight between Sasquatch and the WC is an absolutely brutal brawl, Oeming writes fights as well as anyone. One point of hesitancy I have is how incredibly sadistic the wrecking crew is in this issue, slaughtering canadians left and right because they don't like their ring tones. I realize the point of the crew is that they're thugs, but I'm not really a fan of them as brutal monsters, killing people for no reason other than personal amusement, on the other hand maybe using them as easily defeated cannon fodder for every superhero in the marvel u was wearing thin.

Heralds of Galactus #2: These two issues have done a lot to define the current roles of Galactus' active heralds (Morg, Air Walker, Red Shift, and the Fallen One all MIA currently), Terrax is defined by his pride and his utter ruthlessness, Stardust by his slavish devotion to Galactus, Firelord by his zeal for justice, and the Silver Surfer by his contemplative nature. I really liked the Firelord mini a lot. The war is not over for Firelord as he hunts down Annhilus' Centurions in his pursuit of justice. He comes into the midst of a struggle between those loyal to Ravenous and those who have turned against the Annhilation Wave. It was very cool to see the awestruck fear of the Centurions when Firelord burst in. Despite Firelord insisting on his own mercilessness he is willing to give those Centurions that seem sincerely repentant a chance on a VERY short leash, which affirms that while he is a badass he is not consumed by rage in the same way as Terrax.

The Silver Surfer mini was not as good. it introduces a cool bit of mythology in explaing the "proemial gods" tenebrous and aegis as well as the Original Watcher (the one killed by the Celestials? I'm not sure on this point, also uncertain is how Galactus and the Celestials fit into this new schema) But the story which focuses on the Surfer using Crunch energy to destroy the two deities relies too much on the device of an overconfident enemy leaving his opponent to die with a loaded gun right beside him. It also gets rid of two perfectly good evil gods. Still the philosophical underpinings of the mini are interesting (why the universe seems chaotic and why it would be bad if rigidly controlled.)

I enjoyed this comic; yeah, it wasn't a great climax, but that's because it wasn't MEANT to be. The climax of Annihilation was in Annihilation #6, when Nova killed Annihilus; all this other stuff is epilogue/lead in to the next event. That said, this comic, taken for what it was, was well done, though it DOES raise a lot of interesting questions, provided you think to look for them. Example: if merely TOUCHING the Crunch's energy was enough to basically KILL the Silver Surfer, how did Annihilus's fleet of millions punch through it so easily? Their ships didn't seem to be particularly resistant to damage, as Nova and Quasar were destroying them easily in Annihilation: Nova #4. Also, if Antiphon the Overseer, one of the Proemial beings, seemingly gave birth to the race of the Watchers (just speculation, but founded on the similar appearances of the aforementioned), then is it a possibility that the Celestials are offspring of the other Proemial beings (i.e. Tenebrous and Aegis, and any others that were unmentioned)? Another question: Why would Firelord refer to Nova as "the Nova being?" Being Xandarian, shouldn't/wouldn't Firelord KNOW what Nova was? I dunno. I thought these one-shots were going to explain HOW Annihilus became so powerful; they were fun and welldone in their own right, but they didn't exactly answer anything of great importance. Also, I think people are quick to judge T&A as dead, simply because they fell into the the Crunch; they might be alive on the other side, in the Negative Zone wreaking havoc, which MAY actually trigger the next Annihilation event (the first Annihilation was caused by our universe expanding into the Negative Zone, this one might be caused by SS dumping T&A into the Negative Zone. Just saying).

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