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Subj: It varies from region to region, but generally...
Posted: Fri Apr 06, 2007 at 12:49:49 pm EDT
Reply Subj: Ok this is kind of a big question about a lot of comics but here it goes.
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You see I like the essential, I like how they're cheap and easy to get, but I still like my comics in color. I buy comics to read them and not to collect. So I buy just enough of the essentials so I don't have to pay big bucks for some old origianl prints. What I mean is that once I get to a point in the essentials I stop buying them and start buying the original issues. For example I only bought the Essential Ghost Rider Volume 1 because after his Marvel Spotlight appearances and his first issue of his own book, his title issues are not that expensive and they're in relitivley good condition for reading. I don't know if I explained that very well. Bassically I buy the essentials until the issues of that particular character are in relativley good shape for reading, are easy to find, and are not to expensive. So to my question. Now this might just be me being lazy but here it goes. Again this is a big question to ask. For the following titles: The Incredible Hulk(I need much help with this title since I no more about it), the Fantastic Four, Silver Surfer, Spiderman, Iron Man, Thor, the Defenders, Dr. Strange, Daredevil, and Nick Fury, at what point are they in relativley good condition, not to hard to find, and are not to expensinve? So if you good help me out with this or tell me about a website or something that would help me with this then I would greatly apreciate this. Oh by the way I'm not a total newcomer to comics. I don't know if you thought that but I just wanted that to be clear.

Assuming that you're not in one of those areas where any back issue is minimum 3 bucks and goes up about two dollars per decade of age -- comics stores in big cities do this all the time for overhead costs -- the following will generally be true:

-- FF prices go down dramatically between the Lee/Thomas/Buscema run and the first Byrne art (not writing), then plummet in price as soon as Byrne's run is over. (There are some price spikes for the Perez issues, though.)

-- Amazing Spider-Man is never cheap in back issues, because there's far too much persistent demand. It is possible to find issues of Spectacular Spider-Man from the 1970s that are cheap. Come the late 1970s/early 1980s, Spec. is generally cheap and can be found in many places, barring a very small local comics market.

-- Avengers gets decently cheap as soon as the 80s roll around, but there are slightly ragged copies from the mid to late 70s to be had for single-digit amounts.

-- Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man are generally in the same boat, with the exception that Iron Man stays expensive in some areas when Michelinie/JR, Jr./Layton have their first run. (Oddly, in the three regions of the country I've lived in, the excellent 1980s Cap stuff and the Simonson Thor in back issues have never been absurdly overpriced.)

-- Hulk is oddly expensive in pre-1980s back issues, and goes up again in price from the Byrtne issues through the McFarlane and Keown runs on it in the 80s. The early "Grey Hulk's back" stuff draws in the collectors, and then artists who became "hot" take the book. Thus the price point is high.

-- Marvel's 70s "horror" comics are unpredictable. Different stores in the same region tend to price them very differently. That said, Tomb of Dracula and Morbius in Adventure Into Fear are often pricey.

-- Bronze Age Daredevil costs because of rarity due to low circulation in the 1970s. 1980s Daredevil costs because of Frank Miller. Occasionally you will find partial runs of Miller's DD for decent prices, though. Perversely, many of Marvel's less successful 70s superhero books (Ant-Man in Marvel Feature, for instance) only turn up in high grades with mid-range to high prices because of their low circulation and thus their comparative rarity.

-- It is possible to find cheap issues of Marvel Team-Up, unless you're after issues #1-3 or so. Ditto Marvel Two-In-One.

-- Champions is almost always expensive, even the pre-Byrne issues.

-- Uncanny X-Men is almost always very expensive, from the 60s stuff right up until the end of Claremont's very long first run.

-- Anything before 1971 is likely to be priced fairly high unless it's really beaten up; the really beaten up issues are the ones you luck into, nand are unlikely to be found in runs or bunches. Retailers don't really bother seeking out beaten up versions of otherwise expensive books, and when they do turn up, they're usually detritus from a scattershot collection that said retailer nabbed on the cheap somewhere. And even so, many retailers will price a badly chipped cover and spine-rolled Lee/Kirby FF at 20 bucks, or a similarly beaten Ant-Man issue of Tales to Atonish for 15.

-- eBay is qite treacherous if you're buying back issues, but with some patience you can score out-of-print TPBs for decent money.

- Omar Karindu

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