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Subj: Seriously?
Posted: Fri Apr 06, 2007 at 04:39:06 pm CDT
Reply Subj: Wow...make much up?
Posted: Fri Apr 06, 2007 at 03:03:47 pm CDT

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> Tony and co have:
> -Violated bioethics by cloning Thor

Thats YOUR opinion...many of us don't happen to see the word clone and think Evil.

> -Nearly started a war by unleashing the Green Goblin

With a country that has attacked them many times...that were activated sleeper agents and killing US citizens with their spies and troops...they SHOULD outright declare war on Atlantis.

> -Manipulated the populace in a negative way

That was Cap...Tony supported the "peoples" decisions...thr anti-regs tried to make "normals" into lemmings with their propoganda

> -Thrown people in prison without a trial

Yes in preparation for a trial...would you have prefered they tag and release them back into the wild?

> -Profitted from a war they helped set-up

Actually all that money was used to repair the damage and to set up training was clarified Tony did not "personally" profit from this.

> -Enslaved and unleashed murderous super-villains

They aer not enslaved...and if you mean TBolts for the 80 millionth time...Tony has nothing to do with there current state.

> -Arguable responsible for the death of Bill Foster either as negilgant homicide or manslaughter

Let's see ... Tony legally enforcing the law...armed vigilanties resisting the law, after they were asked to talk rather then fight. Analogous to police trying to talk to bank robbers...and the orbbers open fire and one of them dies in the resulting shootout...nope...sorry thats not the definition of homicide or manslaughter.

> -Destroyed Planet Skaara (I'm still not clear if this was an accident or if they actually left a bomb to try and kill the hulk if he ever tried to leave)

Everything was fine until Hulk lost his temper and those guys messed with the engines.

> -Covered-up the death of a student and perhaps set the whole thing up to acquire some technology

What do you know as facts seem to just assume here

> -Allowed a mentally unstable power house into stressful situations and recruited a known sociopath on the same team

You never made a post about Cap's original recruitment of him...but thats ok right, because you lked the idea then and hey Cap can be a dictator if he wants right?

> -Stole the Terrigan Mists from the Inhumans and refused to return it possible starting another war

Who exactly stole it and who said they could not have it back?

> -Plotting the overthrow of forgein governments that oppose the current U. S. Policy


> Did I miss anything?
> P. S. I know all of this isn't Tony Stark, only about half of it. That is why I said Tony and Co. however he is the primary leader and has his hand in just about everything some way or another.

Yeah and the aliens kidnapped you and used all horrible types of probes on you as well too....right?

> Thats YOUR opinion...many of us don't happen to see the word clone and think Evil.

So if a friend of yours took your DNA without asking for permission and used it to create brainwashed cyborg clone to send after your *other* friend... you wouldn't consider it evil?

Just asking... \:\-D