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Subj: Re: I DID NOT make this stuff up!
Posted: Sat Apr 07, 2007 at 04:57:34 am EDT
Reply Subj: Re: I DID NOT make this stuff up!
Posted: Fri Apr 06, 2007 at 08:17:40 pm EDT

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> > > Tony and co have:
> > > -Violated bioethics by cloning Thor
> >
> > Thats YOUR opinion...many of us don't happen to see the word clone and think Evil.
> >
> Did he have Thor's permission? As far as we know no. Did he use the clone to serve his own agenda? Yes, if that is not a violation of ethics than what is?

There are no "bio-ethics" for this. There just arnt any laws in place for this and if there are we dont have a clue what they are because MU has not shown us them.

> > > -Nearly started a war by unleashing the Green Goblin
> >
> > With a country that has attacked them many times...that were activated sleeper agents and killing US citizens with their spies and troops...they SHOULD outright declare war on Atlantis.
> >
> Did Congress approve of the action? Where was this shown or mentioned? Umm????? Stark does not have the right to start wars. Attacking a diplomat who is being allowed to speak is an act of war on Stark's part. It was never his decision to make. Congress did not approve the war. Did the President give permission????? If not that Stark took matters into his own hands and nearly started a war that he had no right to do.

He was given powers by congress and the president for dealing with the situation. Whether he went beyond them or not is unknown...what we do know is it resolved the Civil War much faster and with much less bloodshed. So it may or may not be legal...but if it prevented countless deaths and saved the MU it sure was ethical...oh wait I forgot you like to jump back and forth. If Stark does something illegal but ethical he is BAD. If he does something legal but questionably ethical he is BAD.

But when the anti-reggers do these thinsg they are GOOD. Gotcha!

> > > -Manipulated the populace in a negative way
> >
> > That was Cap...Tony supported the "peoples" decisions...thr anti-regs tried to make "normals" into lemmings with their propoganda
> >
> He nearly started a war.

Whereas Cap and his DID start a war...Civil War to be exact.

> > > -Thrown people in prison without a trial
> >
> > Yes in preparation for a trial...would you have prefered they tag and release them back into the wild?
> >
> This may be due to screw-ups in the continuity of civil war. The issue I read discussion this didn't mention a trial. The excuse was they were in the Negative Zone.

The main title...not the spin off-titles stated they were a temporary holding cell for them...this was also later backed up by Tom B's statements...JMS had this 180degress about face and may be the cause of the confusion.

> > > -Profitted from a war they helped set-up
> >
> > Actually all that money was used to repair the damage and to set up training was clarified Tony did not "personally" profit from this.
> >
> He owns the company that just happens to make a new helicarrier among other things?

They have actually stated he has stepped down from leading the company...and that he has not made any money from this...make of that what you will.

> > > -Enslaved and unleashed murderous super-villains
> >
> > They aer not enslaved...and if you mean TBolts for the 80 millionth time...Tony has nothing to do with there current state.
> >
> He controls the Green Goblin and since he controls th Fifty State Initive which they are part of he controls them.

The TBolts are NOT under his control...go ask Marvel and Tom B. about is completely under the control of a different govt. agency...until you get them to say otehrwise your simply wrong here.

> > > -Arguable responsible for the death of Bill Foster either as negilgant homicide or manslaughter
> >
> > Let's see ... Tony legally enforcing the law...armed vigilanties resisting the law, after they were asked to talk rather then fight. Analogous to police trying to talk to bank robbers...and the orbbers open fire and one of them dies in the resulting shootout...nope...sorry thats not the definition of homicide or manslaughter.
> >
> And if it had been the police there would have been an investigation and Civil Rights Groups screaming for blood. Stark unleashed a highly volitile weapon upon a battle field that would have killed everyone there. Stark or the REAL Thor would have known how to take Foster out without killing him. The thing as far as we can tell wasn't even sentient.

He used a "tool" backed up by the govt...just like Bill Foster used a tool "Pyms Growth serum" and Cap's shield a battle he made sure no people other then combatants would be around for. Tony would get a medal for being the first guy to manage to make a super hero battle of such scale take place where no civilians were endangered..only illegally acting rebels that refused to talk.

As for using Clor...I dont like the idea myself...I understand why they would use him though...and Tony trusted that Reed knew how to handle Clor...why wouldnt you normally trust the guy who can outthing Galactus?
> >
> > > -Covered-up the death of a student and perhaps set the whole thing up to acquire some technology
> >
> > What do you know as facts seem to just assume here
> >
> Note at the beginning I said Stark and co. and I concluded with a message that I know Stark wasn't responsible for everything. However, The fact they did cover-up or at least tried to in the training camp is a fact.

Who ...what...where...when...again? Seriously and we can link and CO of any law breakers with the anti-reggers side as well. Here a similarily misleading statement....

What laws have the anti-reggers..Nazi's and Company NOT broken? There all nice and grouped up like your statement.

> > > -Allowed a mentally unstable power house into stressful situations and recruited a known sociopath on the same team
> >
> > You never made a post about Cap's original recruitment of him...but thats ok right, because you lked the idea then and hey Cap can be a dictator if he wants right?
> >
> I never brought up the Sentry being on Cap's team because I didn't read New Avengers back then. The fact is the Sentry is mentally unstable. Along with Ares' very, very shaky past.

Well it was done at Cap's urging. Ares may be shaky...but the Avengers have always been about 2nd chances...hawkeye...Scarlet Witch and Pietro after being on a team with a mass murdering psycho of the era Magneto...Ares is just par for the course...another ex-villian trying to change his ways being given a 2nd chance.

> > > -Stole the Terrigan Mists from the Inhumans and refused to return it possible starting another war
> >
> > Who exactly stole it and who said they could not have it back?
> >
> Quicksilver stole it, the U. S. government got the mists from him and refused to give it back to Black Bolt. Instead they are using the mists to experiment on humans to try and give them superpowers. Why would the govt give it back? They didnt give back the nuclear technology they gained from Nazi scientists. I can totally see why the govt. wouldnt give it back...and totally see how they feel justified in not giving it back to anti-reggers-nazis-and company (and like you...when you refute that BBolt is not a nazi...I can now say...well I said "and Company" \:P )

> > > -Plotting the overthrow of forgein governments that oppose the current U. S. Policy
> >
> > Who...what..which...where...when?
> >
> IIRC, it was in the latest Black Panther issue where two people at the state department were discussing the Panther and one talked about making Wakanda an example of what happens to those who oppose the U. S.

Is Hudlin's stuff even in continuity?

> Stakr also in the Civil War: Battle Files report when discussing how the different nations were dealing with their superhuman populations mentions reigme change in Atlantis.

It was an assesment of danger and Atlantis's unstable past...did he say they need to be conqured somewhere I did not see?

> > > Did I miss anything?
> > >
> > > P. S. I know all of this isn't Tony Stark, only about half of it. That is why I said Tony and Co. however he is the primary leader and has his hand in just about everything some way or another.
> >
> > Yeah and the aliens kidnapped you and used all horrible types of probes on you as well too....right?
> Explain something to me. How is it to you Stark can do no wrong, but when Hercules defends himself from Clor and destroys it you accuse Hercules of murder?

He attacked a helpless enemy on his knees with a death blow. He wasnt defending himself when Clor wasnt even try to engage him.

Secondly I didnt say Herc was even wrong I said you..cant say the pro-reg side is evil and using a childlike creature for their nefarious purposes and then cheer when Herc kills that same child in a fit of anger.

I have no problem if Herc destroyed a lifeless robotic machine with no soul...but then you also can't paint the pro-reg side as these evil manipulators of a childs soul.

It's one or the other.

> There are no "bio-ethics" for this. There just arnt any laws in place for this and if there are we dont have a clue what they are because MU has not shown us them.

Since when the law is the only and final point of reference when it comes to moral issues?

I always think that even when there's no law in place, you don't do some things out of common decency...

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