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Subj: Re: Why I won't be picking up WWH: Frontline (no spoilers)
Posted: Sat Apr 21, 2007 at 11:00:29 am EDT
Reply Subj: Why I won't be picking up WWH: Frontline (no spoilers)
Posted: Fri Apr 20, 2007 at 05:49:49 pm EDT

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Frontline was something I really wanted in a major event. For years, I've loved the Bugle staff. I often can't re-read much of the Stan Lee stories because, well, they aren't made for my generation and don't hold the value, but I still re-read his takes on Jameson and Robbie and love them. I like seeing the evolution of Ben Urich from tabloid reporter in Daredevil to big shot exposing the Green Goblin at the Daily Bugle.

Maybe it's because I'm a journalist myself and I seem to know how a news agency works. Urich, Jameson, and Robbie all have their biases and flaws, but they rarely go back on journalistic integrity. The only time I can think of them not printing a story was during Secret War, but they also only had anonyous/unreliable sources. A great example of this is the mini, Daily Bugle. There's a bunch of mob stuff going on and this congressman, that the Bugle has supported in the past, is caught cheating on his wife. The Bugle, despite supporting the candidate and knowing his ideas for the country are good, print the story anyway.

I can't really sum up how good the series is, but if you see a copy in the used racks, grab it!

But I was baffled at how journalism is portrayed in Frontline.

Both Urich and Sally let their feelings and opinions obviously leak into the interviews, especially during the Cap and Iron Man ones. I can understand this from Sally, since she seems to work at an alternate magazine that isn't fair journalism, but Urich should know better.

Robbie acted weird too. He told Urich to go ahead with the story because paper sales are slagging. He usually delivers because "I'm the Boss" or "I said so", but Robbie lecturing about sales just seems weird. He was also drawn differently too, as if he gained a few pounds between the Pulse and Frontline.

And finally, Jonah. Jonah let go of Urich even though he knew he had a story and Jonah would've published it.

Now where are we? Out of the newspaper business and Sally and Urich are working at a glorified blog, printing opinions and doing everything the exact opposite of what journalists do, particularly them surpressing the story on Iron Man and Civil War.

I really hope Jenkins goes back and picks up The Pulse and the Daily Bugle mini, and maybe if it's good, I'll get it in TPB. But considering how it slowly went downhill, I don't see any way that this mini can turn out well.

You're being very kind in your criticism, I think. While some people enjoyed Frontline, and that's all well and good..I didn't and dropped the book for all the reasons you stated, plus, I felt that the ending was unsatisfying and predictable when I borrowed a friends copy and felt happy that I hadnt purchased it. If we can expect from WWH Frontline what we got from CW Frontline, then i'm out. In fact, i'm out either way. As a comic reader, I can suspend disbelief...I have to...but when you try to incorporate real-world elements into fictional stories, at least be true to what is being presented. Reporters just dont act like they were shown to have in Frontline. Whats the point of showing the sidelines and reporters covering the sidelines if your characters are too busy wrestling with the issues to do the job of reporting the story? If all reporters were like this, "Weekly World News" would have to change it's name to "Weekly World Diatribe."
Biggest problems with Frontline:

Sally has exclusive interview with Cap, the resistance leader. Nobody else has been given this opportunity to present the resistances side. Cap begins to explain, Sally gets digusted, walks out on interview to go on a date instead.

Ben Urich has a story so BIG that it can't be printed.

Ben Urich decides that in light of having a story so big it can't be printed, he must now quit the Daily Bugle.

JJJ wishes Ben luck and lets him quit, instead of demanding his best reporter do his job and WRITE the big story.

In an interview with Cap after he has surrendered, Sally almost manages to conduct a proper interview, before deciding to criticize Cap instead for being out of touch and basically ignores his side of the story. Ben sits and watches.

WWH Frontline. Fiasco says no thanks.
I'm all over the main story though. One of the few books coming out that i'm looking forward to.
Sadly, the largest part of my reason is because I want to see Hulk teach Iron Ass a lesson. Thanks for that much, Civil War!!

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