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Subj: For what it's worth... [SPOILERS]
Posted: Wed Apr 25, 2007 at 05:42:09 pm EDT
Reply Subj: JMS on Thor will rule! Believe It! [SPOILERS]
Posted: Wed Apr 25, 2007 at 03:43:55 pm EDT

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> I'm certainly going to give the JMS version of Thor a shot, though I am admittedly skeptical seeing as how JMS hasn't really written anything I've enjoyed in quite a while. Plus, I'm not totally sold on the new costume yet.

I, on the other hand, have really enjoyed JMS' recent Spider-Man stories ( the Civil War tie-ins and the first issue of Back in Black ), and think that they show a lot of promise towards a Thor story. I'm saying this because of the " Triumvirate " of super-popular Marvel writers ( the two others being Bendis and Millar ), JMS understands the core of superhero morality.

The Spider-Man stories during Civil War demonstrated this becasue they didn't try to take a moral relativist spin on the situation ( like Millar did, unfortunately ), but to show the struggle in terms of Peter Parker's basic human decency. Peter's motivations throughout the story were simple but true-- he wanted to stand by his family and friends. He wanted to do write by May and MJ above all else, which is why he supported Iron Man's side at first, and once he realized that Tony was evil, joined the rebellion.

Sure, the story had its problems ( most of which involved its place in Millar's rather half-assed storyline ), but it was the most dramatic idea of the hero to come out of Marvel in a long time-- the loner against the empire, fighting for his personal ideals regardless of the cost to him. However, there's a limit to what Peter Parker can do, because he's just a man with some genetic gifts. It's hard to believe he can actually take on the Iron Fuhrer's regime, other than taking down a few key figures ( as we're seeing in Back in Black ).

But Thor-- Thor is the God of Thunder. And he's come back to Midgard at a time when the world needs him to fight for what's right. And best of all, JMS is a writer whose style leans towards showing Thor as a hero, as opposed to a Machiavel or a fanatic.

...I hope you're 100% right, Naruto the Bloody(I mean Nitz ;\) ).

It's been too long since there's been a Thor story, let alone a good one. The last thing I want is my apprehensions about the title to be proven right. It's my desire for the new Thor series to not only be a financially profitable venture for Marvel, but also a quality reading experience as well. And despite what I feel is much deserved criticism for the atrocious Sins Past storyline(the less said of, the better), I also feel that JMS is able to write intriguing storylines w/ genuinely heroic characters based on past reading experiences(early ASM, and even Supreme Power to an extent).

BTW, did you ever read ASM pre-CW? Just mentioning it because he briefly tackled Loki in those pages to satisfactory effect IMO.

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