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Subj: NO WAY!
Posted: Thu Apr 26, 2007 at 09:04:06 am EDT
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Posted: Wed Apr 25, 2007 at 07:04:44 pm EDT

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> Don't know the titles yet but Marvel has a blog up right now for the creative summit that has been going on today and in it they say that 4 titles will be cancelled. They call them MAJOR books.
> There be spoilers in the link.... I guess. I don't find anything to be overly spoilerific.
> The announcement on 3 titles being cancelled happen in the 2:30pm to 5:00pm link. While the other is 9:00am to 10:30am.
> Any guesses on the titles?

It always sucks when books get cancelled. I hate to piss people off by casting aspersions upon specific titles - but that said, i'll throw out a couple thoughts. (I wonder what they mean by "major" titles? Something long-running? Or by saying that in the press, maybe the title can be saved by a strong push from fans?)

Anyway - I hate to see it go, but I think Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man is likely on that list. Spidey's never needed 3 titles, and sadly, FNSM (to my knowledge) probably is lowest in sales terms. I like the book, myself, and that's too bad.

Heroes for Hire. You guys ever hear of an actor named Ted McGinley? A friend of mine and I used to call him the "show killer." He'd join the cast of once successful shows and see them through to their demises back in the day - Happy Days, Love Boat, and Married With Children all brought ol' Ted into the cast just in time to turn out the lights. Well, the Headmen and Devil Dinosaur and Moon Boy are the Ted Mcginley's of Marvel comics. This is just a total guess on my part, I dont know where the book ranks in sales.

She-Hulk. Poor Shulkie could never carry a series for very long.

Amazing Spider-Girl.

Those are my (probably way-off and wildly uninformed) guesses.

Hey Marvel - stop making so many damn mini series and maybe we'll have money left over to buy the core titles.

> Hey Marvel - stop making so many damn mini series and maybe we'll have money left over to buy the core titles.

the minis are the best stuff Marvel's been doing lately!

Agents of Atlas

I haven't read Hine's Quicksilver stuff, but I hear very good things about it.

The ongoings can't TOUCH what Marvels is doing with minis these days.