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Subj: Thanks For The Correction About SD - Agree About Natasha But Didn't Know About.... [SPOILERS]
Posted: Thu Apr 26, 2007 at 10:57:10 am EDT
Reply Subj: Re: Thoughts on Yesterday's FF, Fallen Son: Avengers, Silent War, & Wolverine [SPOILERS]
Posted: Thu Apr 26, 2007 at 10:22:51 am EDT

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> As I stated just below, McDuffie's FF is a dream come true, especially paired with this excellent artist.
> Galactus, Gravity, Epoch, Starlight, Deathlok (in human form), T'Challa and Storm, the FF (including Sue and Reed), the Silver Surfer...all in one exciting, creative, fun issue? With great characterization throughout? I haven't seen this kind of thing done so well since Byrne's heyday at Marvel. A Silver Surfer-Black Panther face-off? The Panther riding the Surfer's board? Gravity reborn as a dazzling, somewhat frightening Protector of the Universe?

Actually, that's Stardust there, not my girl Starlight/Red Guardian. \:\-\( I plan on starting my FF/McDuffie run with the Frightful Four issues. I'm not a fan of the Silver Surfer or cosmic stories that much.

> Fallen Son: Avengers. Well, this book was just okay at best, and for my money, a waste of money. I bought it for the sake of Tiger Shark's appearance, and, as we feared, he was just window-dressing. I liked the new colors in his classic costume, and I liked that Namor called him a 'wretched individual' at the end, showing us that Namor has sympathy and compassion for his troubled old foe.

Hmmm. This means I have to wait and see what my opinion is when I read the book. More than likely, I'll like seeing Tiger Shark and enjoy the appearance while seeing it for what it is at the same time. It's usually like that with me.

> I hate this recent version of the Black Widow, that we saw here and are seeing in Mighty Avengers. Natasha is a sleek, sophisticated, savvy, mature individual who plays her cards extremely close to her chest. She's not a 'quipper' who nervously banters around a lot of stale, superfluous comments. And geezus, please, she doesn't need a bunch of big Cable-sized guns. She's got her Widow's sting, and that's enough in terms of firepower.

Richard K. Morgan did away with her Widow Stingers in her minis, didn't he? Now she suddenly has them again? I, too, don't see the need for her to use gigantic Cable-purchased guns, especially when she has the stingers. Smaller caliber handguns are okay, but she works best with her martial arts skills and stingers. I also prefer her with long red hair, not the Frank Miller haircut of yesteryear. But then, I'm a guy who loves women with long hair, both straight and kinky-curly. Oops, now I'm thinking about Victoria Pratt, lol . I don't mind women with shorter hair as long as it's longish-short, if you know what I mean. That girl who plays Thelma on the BBC show HEX is pretty hot, and I adore Farah Fath (Mimi Lockhart on Days of Our Lives). But for Natasha...long hair. I think my fave Black Widow artist is George Perez (circa MARVEL FANFARE #10-12 (ish)).

...the loss of her stingers...what was the point of that? I can't imagine why she'd want to give them up. I agree 1,000 % about her long red hair. My belief is that, in the 80s, they cut off her hair because she looked too much like Jean Grey/Phoenix. While long hair can't be an asset for fighting in the real world, Natasha is infinitely more lovely and seductive with long tresses.

And no, I've seen no actual proof that she still has her stingers...that was an assumption on my part.

But the huge guns are absurd, even if she's shrinking them with Pym's formula and then enlarging them. She might as well as haul a tank on her shoulder. And why bother, when she can simply get back her wrist-driven Widow's Sting?


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