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Subj: Cool [SPOILERS]
Posted: Thu Apr 26, 2007 at 01:24:07 pm CDT
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Posted: Thu Apr 26, 2007 at 09:27:09 am CDT

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> If you can, you should pick up the first two issues which were rleeased yesterday, as they were both leagues above his NA stuff.
> I'm sure he's going to give us a very competent portrayal of MM, based on these 2 previous issues---which actually had stories! Let's hope she sees a lot of panel trime.

Madame Masque is supposedly going to be involved in that "new criminal Kingpin" plotline over the next few years, so this may be the start of it. The last time we saw Whitney, she was going to try and go straight, so I hope that plot point will be touched upon, whether or not she goes back to being poor, tragic, even paranoiac Whitney.

I always buy the Previews book, so I'll see that cover Sunday.

I'd like to see her 'recover' and become fully viable without losing too much of her edgy root qualities, and what made her great, mysterious, and interesting.

She 1,000% belongs back in the MU, to kick the ass oif Moonstone, Mystique, Llyra, Madame Hydra, Moondragon, Silver Sable, and all the other bad girls whom she predated!

Even the Black Widow was still an early-60s masked wussy in grey fishnets when Whitney began rocking the house!

I'd love to see her lead a new MOE or, on the other hand, join a team like the Mighty Avengers or even the FF.

She's mysterious, unknowable, unpredictable...just a bundle of sheer love. I loved her back in the day!

And you know the Illuminati stories are retroactive or 'ret-conning,' right?

So that will mean that MM knew and chummed around with Clea, L'ilandra, and Medusa....depending on when the story turns out to take place, they might have been the first Lady Liberators, in a manner of speaking!