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Subj: Agreed.
Posted: Sun Jun 15, 2008 at 08:56:08 pm EDT
Reply Subj: I Hate The Removal Of Free Will
Posted: Thu Jun 12, 2008 at 08:26:46 pm EDT

> I swear we were told that heroes could still be heroes. They just had to be licensed to do what they had always done before. Now we have geroes punished for not doing everything SHIELD, an international agency, and Tony Stark impose on them.

The SHRA didn't delivered what they promised and more and more civilians are beginning to realize it since they demanded that the superhumans would be held accountable, but instead the country becomes a police state disguised with heroic imagery and pseudo-patriotism. There is no way normal people can go against something like S.H.I.E.L.D. and a army of super-heroes who think that they're automatically the right and just which some have shown like Ultra Girl while thinking the law is the law is simple as that. If that was true then any law would be just no matter how awful the people are treated.

Also, there the difference of preaching and practicing on being responsible like for example where S.H.I.E.L.D. cape killers started firing at the Young Avengers for stopping a mugging and blamed them for the damage that "they" caused which I think the one Cap punched out of the containment van was the one who gave out that lecture. It was overkill on the cape killers part and it was not maintaining the peace, in fact, nothing the SHRA did was peaceful and actually put the civilians in danger more the vigilantes like Clor and the cape killers. There's also the fact that Iron Man attacked Black Panther because of Storm who helped saved a child's life using her powers that she was trained to use from a commotion outside of the White House that seemed like a trap and used Clor which endangered more civilians and was an act of war. There's also Cloud 9 who was misled into joining and was handed a weapon, an underage girl, with hardly any training sent out in a dangerous situation and expected to kill as if having powers made her less a person and more of a weapon while saying it's her patriot duty to do so which sadly can mean anything when it comes to words, like that speech Trauma got for not wanting to be a super-hero and wanting to get rid of his powers. Then there's MVP who the "preachers" got killed because they were in fact too bust patting themselves on the back fro being so called professionals which made them irresponsible, especially when they blamed the girl who was under the influence of Trauma's powers which I'm sure they should have known before hand that he had no control over them.

They got a kid, a non-super powered one who didn't want to be a super-hero, killed and got away with it. They put themselves above the law and made excuses for the mistakes they made.

The SHRA has been nothing but a quick fix instead of a actual solution, thanks to Iron Man's poor leadership, and now things are falling apart and becoming worse before the Stamford incident happen which probably didn't need the New Warriors' involvement since Nitro was a complete psycho who was under the influence of the MGH drug which was given to him by a very normal and greedy human being which all the training in the world couldn't stop, even the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents that Wolverine went with and that only Wolverine survived because of his healing factor, even though the skeleton thing was going too far, did no better and the New Warriors were made into scrape goats for something that wasn't of their making. Nitro was going to explode no matter what or where, especially with his mentality and the fact that he was probably getting a rush from the drug.

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