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Subj: Re: Reviews: Secret Invasion #3, SI: Who Do You Trust?, Omega #9 and Last Defenders #4!
Posted: Mon Jun 16, 2008 at 01:55:12 pm EDT
Reply Subj: Reviews: Secret Invasion #3, SI: Who Do You Trust?, Omega #9 and Last Defenders #4!
Posted: Mon Jun 16, 2008 at 09:27:48 am EDT (Viewed 2 times)

> SECRET INVASION #3: This issue was mostly a big battle issue, although there were some sneak peaks into other plotlines. In particular, we learned that Spider-Woman was indeed the Skrull Queen, as hinted at in NEW AVENGERS #40, and it appeared that Iron Man may also be a Skrull and just not know it. However, I think the Queen was lying and trying to screw up Stark psychologically, but we will see. A couple of Initiative heroes were killed, but I felt nothing about those loser characters, so no loss there. I like Nick Fury's little group, especially Daisy Johnson, who grew on me, so I'm looking forward to seeing them in action next issue. One last thing, I gotta say that Yu's artwork looks ten times better with an inker than without one.

i hate the new howling commandos hey seem just another x team to be so new mutants and i am not an X fan. plus i dont think they are not a group a spymaster would put togther to combat a race of shapeshifters who have covertly infiltrated the planet. what the world needs is for somebody to figureout who and who isnt a skrull
and what they have been doing and what will they do next the regular cast of superheroes can handle the slug fests

> SECRET INVASION: WHO DO YOU TRUST?: I enjoyed all the stories in this issue, especially the Wonder Man/Beast one. I seriously hope the ship Beast turns out to be the real deal cuz I miss the happy-go-lucky, adventurous Beast. The story ended with this Beast swinging off into another part of the Savage Land, so I'm curious to see where he pops up next. The Marvel Boy story was enjoyable enough, although I'm not a big fan of the character. The same can be said about Agent Brand and the Agents of Atlas, but the stories were interesting nonetheless. The Captain Marvel story was written for #5 of his mini but was cut out due to length; a little confused about Mar-Vell's reasoning: it looks like he's pretending to aid the Skrulls by going after the Thunderbolts, but he's actually just playing the aliens. I think. Anyway, nice complimentary one-shot, with nice stories and art.
i really really liked this book from cover to cover
i LOVE marvel boy cant wait to see what he does next he is not really a good guy but he is a kree warrio who hates the skrulls so that should be fun
missed the agents of atlas mini heard nothing but good things about it liked what i saw in this book
they could have done another issue or two of this touching on other folks in the marvel U and how the invasion is effecting them