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Subj: A few more
Posted: Mon Jun 16, 2008 at 01:29:01 pm CDT
Reply Subj: well, in that case...
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> Police Chief Authier, in whatever little town the Generation Next school was was cool. He even had some slight precognition.
> Stature's step dad, Blake.
> The corrupt Bernie Scruggs, from Priest's Black Panther. And Skip Taylor.
> One of my favorite supporting characters, Sgt. Tork
> Wasn't Tom Corsi a cop? Or was he a security guard?
> Kasper Cole's crew: Daz, Eddie X, and Jinx.
> The corrupt Lt. Flores of the LAPD (I think) who was in the pocket of the Pride
Captain Jean DeWolff
Stan Carter, her colleague who turned out to be the Sin-Eater and her murderer
Lt. Kris Keating, the SWAT-team leader who was killed and replaced by the Foreigner, during the Hobgoblin mystery
Detective Lamont, during JMS's run on ASM
The nameless elder policeman in Amazing Fantasy #15
Bree Morell (a San Francisco police detective who appeared in Spider-Woman)
Amos Duncan (FBI agent, Professor X's liaison during the early X-Men)
Peter Parker and Phil Urich (forensic scientists in the MC-2 timeline)

Captain America used to be a policeman for a while, did he have recurring colleagues back then?
Other former policemen among superheroes: Monica Rambeau (Captain Marvel II, Photon, Pulsar) and Banshee (former Interpol agent)

> Officer LaGuardia, who gave Robbie Baldwin a hard time back when he just bounced around Springdale. And Officer Phipps who kept telling LaGuardia to back off, because Baldwin was a nice, normal kid.
> NYPD Dective MacNamarra who was investigating the dissapearances Sersie was responsible for when she went all Mah'd W'ry or whatever...
> Does Code Blue count? How about STARS?
> Officer Zamora helped Hawkeye out when he was all "anti-gang".
> Dect. Jacob Raven, who arrested Ben Reilly, thinking he was Peter Parker, for murders done by Kaine.
> Lt. Rafale Scarfe, who showed up in Power Man/Iron Fist mostly, but also in the lame Iron Fist mini and early Namor.