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Subj: Re: Cult followings and the characters you wish were still around...
Posted: Sat Jan 17, 2009 at 02:32:50 pm EST (Viewed 11 times)
Reply Subj: Cult followings and the characters you wish were still around...
Posted: Sat Jan 17, 2009 at 02:41:28 am EST (Viewed 145 times)

Sounds like you share my opinions of Bendis and Miller.

> Which characters do you miss, as a part of the cult following that enjoyed their adventures and would be happy to see them brought back? For me, those three heroes are Sleepwalker (naturally), Darkhawk and Spider-Girl.

I am not sure why but I tend to be drawn to the underdogs. The obscure characters who are second rate.

The original new warriors are my favorite. as a kid i collected it regularly and had the first 30 issues. From what I seen only Fab Nic could write the new warriors well. (though I bet slott and maybe busiek could). My favorite New Warrior was Speedball, so of course marvel had to ruin him. I want the real speedball back. No more penance or super monkey ball (who IS more a speedball than penance). I want the masochist retconned out of existance.

I loved the new warriors as it was a series i got from the start and was not lost in, it was a fun story that was well written and had memorable scenes and arcs that stay with me until today. I still fondly recall the forever yesterday universe, justice going to jail and helping make life bett6er for the prisoners while their, the justice firestar romance, the shock of nova being dropped from the roof, etc. For speedball he always was a fun, hyper, rambling ball of energy who always made me laugh. That and despite his powers seeming useless at first they were always hinted at as having limitless potential if only he's explore them meaning he had alot of growth potential.

I also love the GLA. I loved them from their first AWC appearance. I love both the losers with potential if only they had the training, and the humor team versions of them. Though I admit I'd prefer seeing them as losers with potential with some humor mixed in. Though I like every GLA member I DO think having Squirrel Girl portrayed as invincible and unbeatable ruins the losers with potential feel and i sort of want that outside of canon.

I also read guardians of the Galaxy and loved them, especially the starhawk origin story and seeing future versions and descendants of marvel heros, and X-factor too. PAD is on X-factor again, but sadly i dropped it as this is not the PAD X-factor i loved in the 90's. The new one is grim and humorless.

I also like Ultra girl (a pitty artists forgot her muscles, she is the only girl in comics that could look cute and soft with muscles), Living Lightning, Dr Goodwrench, Meggan Braddock (I loved how the artists kept her eyes and mouth girly as a man so you can still see meggan inside, and her unstability and unconscious chameleon nature of her powers was fun), and a host of other obscure characters.

Then of course are the minor characters I like not because they are that good of characters but because I read of them in stories as a kid and I am curious on seeing them again. They varry from Vibro and Starthief (Ditmal), to Surfstreak. None were that good, but having read stories with them in it as a kid their absence feels like something missing.

> At a time when a lot of the market has shifted towards dark, violent heroes or otherwise derailing established heroes and turning them into borderline fascists and treacherous backstabbers, Darkhawk, Sleepwalker and Spider-Girl were the heroes who actually did heroic things, who had their flaws but also their noble, kinder sides. In a way, by being "traditionally" heroic, they were almost subversive, maintaining that sense of good vs. evil and the secret identities, rogues galleries, and outlandish costumes and codenames that are part and parcel of what a superhero comic has to be.

I agree, we need more bright heros in marvel. Dark heros are not new. But before they were always contained to certain lines and titles, now they are taking over marvel as a whole. Dark heros should be rounded up and kept semi seperate from the main MU in a line with a safe title such as Knights, Ultimate, or Max.

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