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Subj: I don't know :)
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Reply Subj: What issue was Norman's trial?
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> > Norman's a COP KILLER. Every police union in the country would protest if a cop killer was appointed to a position of authority in real life.
> > Michael
> Signed
> In fact the very govt officials that placed him in that spot did so to USE him as a pawn and supposedly had control over him. They obviously have no control over him at all, he seems to answer to absolutely no one, yet no one in the govt seems to think this is a bad idea? It's preposterous. Comparing him to Bush isn't fair at all, Bush may have made some poor decisions, but he never was a convicted felon or as Michael noted a known MURDERER.
> The only out is to have the 'man behind the door' somehow manipulating the world's collective consciousness.

But he was in prison when they got him for his new gig, wasn't he? Actually, how many trials do we get to see.. that might be a good series outside of the She-Hulk stuff: Law and Order Super-Criminal Intent? \:P

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