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Subj: Re: " Maybe "? ;)
Posted: Sat Jan 17, 2009 at 09:04:06 pm CST (Viewed 169 times)
Reply Subj: Why not just appoint Bin Laden as director of the CIA? (or, maybe Nitz the Bloody was on to something...)
Posted: Sat Jan 17, 2009 at 06:02:42 pm CST (Viewed 119 times)

> Maybe Nitz the Bloody was on to something when he condemned the public in the Marvel Universe as a collection of idiots who make the citizens of Springfield on The Simpsons look intelligent. 

True, but I maintain that it's been that way since the 1960's ( when the Comics Code forbid explicit questioning of authority, though Stan and his collaborators snuck plenty of the implicit kind in ). The makeup of Springfield excluding Lisa may be more stupid than the real American people, but they're still satirizing the many forms of mass ignorance in the real world. The excesses of Homer and co. merely take it to a humorous extreme.

I have no problem with Marvel exaggerating the stupidity of the American people, because there's more than enough material to work with there. Ellis, the original author of Norman-as-legitimate-politician, did this especially well in Thunderbolts; Norman's serial killing as the Green Goblin being excused by a disease he overcame through prayer ( and while anyone who didn't get that reference wasn't paying attention, it still was a good way to satirize Christianity-as-arsehole license ). It's only when the satire is done badly, like Civil War, that it becomes a problem...