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Posted: Mon Jan 19, 2009 at 08:45:51 am EST (Viewed 18 times)
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> 1. how did nick lose his eye?
> 2. How come he is still alive and in good shape, he is suppose to be 90!

1) Nick received an eye injury in the War due to a grenade going off too close by (Sgt Fury 27). This was treated, but was aggravated over the years until he began using a bionic implant during the 1980s (Marvel: The Lost Generation 10). Eventually, soon after he fought the Hate Monger alongside the FF (FF 21), he received a serious injury to his eye from a gunshot during a battle with his brother Jake immediately prior to being recruited by SHIELD (Fury, 1994 one-shot). He's worn an eyepatch ever since.

2) Towards the end of World War II, Nick was wounded by a landmine and was found and treated in secret by a Berthold Sternberg. During this treatment, Sternberg gave him the Infinity Formula. Soon after the War, NIck found he was ageing rapidly and was contacted by Sternberg who told him that he would have to take a booster shot annually or Nick would age to death almost overnight. Sternberg blackmailed Nick this way every year until recently when Sternberg was killed and Nick was able to recover the formula for the booster shots for himself. (Marvel Spotlight 31)
With these booster shots, Nick is now ageing only very slowly. He has probably aged only 10-15 years since the War.
It has also been revealed in various Official Handbooks of the MU that between battlefield blood transfusions and open wound infections, traces of the infinity formula have been passed on to the other Howling Commandos to a lesser extent. The Howlers are also ageing more slowly than normal, appearing to be between 25-40 years older than they were in WWII. However, the Howlers do not need the annual booster shots. (And Cap 284 revealed that Dum Dum's red hair comes out of a bottle!)