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Subj: Re: FURY questions
Posted: Mon Jan 19, 2009 at 11:12:20 am EST (Viewed 13 times)
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> > > 1. how did nick lose his eye?
> > > 2. How come he is still alive and in good shape, he is suppose to be 90!
> >
> > 1) Nick received an eye injury in the War due to a grenade going off too close by (Sgt Fury 27). This was treated, but was aggravated over the years until he began using a bionic implant during the 1980s (Marvel: The Lost Generation 10). Eventually, soon after he fought the Hate Monger alongside the FF (FF 21), he received a serious injury to his eye from a gunshot during a battle with his brother Jake immediately prior to being recruited by SHIELD (Fury, 1994 one-shot). He's worn an eyepatch ever since.
> >
> There is debate over the origin of the eye patch.
> The first and most sensible explanation was provided in the Sgt Fury series years ago. This explained that Nick received a shrapnel injury that doctors would have been able to treat but would require Fury to leave the front lines for a year to rehabilitate. Not willing to do that Fury continued the war without ever having the injury treated and his eyesight deteriorated over the years until he lost it altogether.
> The second explanation is in the 1994 oneshot where Fury is blinded by a muzzle flash. This oneshot is somewhat contradictory as it is and most people consider the first explanation to be canon.
Why is that contradictory? We know that he has had deteriorating eyesight in that eye since the war, and that event was referred to in the one-shot anyway. The muzzle flash just aggravated that injury to the point where he needed the eyepatch.

> I dont think Fury has any kind of bionic implant - if that were the case then why would he cover up the eye at all? His eye was last seen as far as I recall in the 1989 Fury ongoing series - its still very much in his head.
It is stated quite explicitly in Marvel: Lost Generation 10 that Fury is using some sort of bionic implant.
The nature of the implant is unsaid and the only way to reconcile it, in my mind, is if it is some kind of high-tech contact lens to compensate for his deteriorating eye. I assume that the later injury was bad enough that such an implant would no longer be any use.

> Nick is no longer being blackmailed. He no longer needs to take the formula due to its cumulative effect over the years.

I know he is no longer being blackmailed, that was cleared up in Marvel Spotlight 31 when Nick found the booster shot formula for himself after Sternberg's death. But can you give a reference for when it was shown that he no longer needs the formula? I must have missed that issue.

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