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Subj: Re: UGH! What Should I Do? Mighty Avengers #21 -- Need Help!
Posted: Wed Jan 21, 2009 at 09:51:10 am CST (Viewed 106 times)
Reply Subj: Re: UGH! What Should I Do? Mighty Avengers #21 -- Need Help!
Posted: Wed Jan 21, 2009 at 09:16:36 am CST (Viewed 153 times)

And I'd say wait and buy it in TPB if at all. If you're already complaining because the first issue of a comic doesn't give complete backstories and answer all questions about all characters, well, a) comics are probably not the best genre for you, and b) you're going to be complaining a lot.

I suspect most of those questions will be answered by the end of the first arc, and certainly by the second. By the time each of those are TPBed I'm sure you'll have heard via these boards if those answers match your personal expectations or if you intend to hate the author for not writing what you want written, and armed with that information you can then buy the TPB(s) if you want.

I was similarly frustrated when Kurt Busiek returned the Avengers and pretty much ignored everything recent for many months, but the stories proved worthwhile and he eventually got there. Frankly, I would rather have good stories than simple continuity upkeep. But... there's no way that the characters don't hit some downtime at the end of their first adventure, turn to Wands, and say "so what the @$%^ is up with you anyway?" I imagine that we'll see then if Slott intends to answer those questions then, or intends to set it up as a mystery to be played out.

> I say give it a shot. April solicits seem to indicate that the mystery behind Wanda won't be wrapped up immediately anyway, since Quicksilver is demanding answers. While it does annoy me that they're taking their time with an explanation, I'd rather have Wanda's story get the full focus of an upcoming issue or arc rather than have it shoehorned in the first storyline-- which is going to be busy enough.
> > I read an advanced review of the title at and I'm stumped. I want to give Slott's run a try, as I've stated before, to see what's going down with my favorite comic girl Wanda, but the reviewer outright states that she's just brought back without explanation, meaning it may take a long while to find out what's what. UGH! Not a good start. Not a good start. So what should I do? Give up now, while I should? Just leave it alone so I won't have to complain (or at least try not to complain cuz I know people hate it when I do)? Or do I try the first issue anyway and crack open the gates of Hades? This is tough. I don't want to waste $3.99. Or $3.99 times 3. What should I do? I leave it up to you, folks.