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Subj: Re: A.N.Invaders #14: "Nyah, nyah, take THAT, FoxTV...
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Reply Subj: A.N.Invaders #14: "Nyah, nyah, take THAT, FoxTV...
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... heck, Wanda and Pietro aren't enough; we want Thomas Raymond in a Marvel film - or AoS TV series now! So Fox, you can't have him either!" (Though who'd want him ATM?)

This scene was in this month's Handbook-finessing installment of All-New Invaders 014. It always felt unnecessary and lazy to lump the fiery superhero in as a mutant when OHOTMU started volunteering categorization of every superhuman whether in-story supported or not. It would have been real interesting if they'd bother to give him a more unique origin. However, turning around and shoehorning him in with the Inhuman lot does not feel any more right to be honest. Bah.

Heh, it will not be surprising if Namor returns to the classification/rank of HYBRID instead of an "x-Factor" mutant - as he should have been all along. How many of all those fans that inevitably won that debate, making him a true X-men down to his DNA, might be surprised if that were to happen?

The actual issue of this directionless title was somewhat better than the Marvel mandated pitch to prove Toro's 'true' heritage - however this gimmick-retcon ain't over as the appearance of Lash on the last page shows not to mention the "Part 1" in the "RETURN OF TORO" arc's title.

Other bits of the book to chew on:
-Camp Hammond is still running - apparently as a gov't superhuman research facility.
-Iron Cross is Germany's newest superhero.
-Speedball's abandoned supercat Niels was tested by the gov't and is now slated to be put to sleep - hmmm, Jim might adopt a pet.
-A VERY CONVOLUTED Invaders line-up is assembled to fly to Germany at an jarringly uneven pace to clichely bash some Neo-Nazis - what else. Bah.
-Toro now has a Purple Flame option.
-Lash shows up, when the dust settles, 'cuz he's 'NuHuman' scouting again.

All-New Invaders 014

I miss Dad and Dan.

I do love this title, aimless as it is. It's James Robinson's gift for character which makes it, take issue #11 as a fine example of this - the book is obstensibly a focus on Jim Hammond but the real star is Namor. This is a rare and convincing moment of emotional honesty from the sea king to his oldest friends Jim Hammond and Steve Rogers, where he tells the two what they mean to him with their long friendships. It is a deliberate counter to Jonathan Hickman's treatment in The Avengers titles, and one of the finest Namor moments ever in my view. He is no saint, but neither is he absolute monster...