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Subj: Re: has any1 liked ANY of the last marvel crossovers??? why were they all so awful??
Posted: Wed Feb 04, 2015 at 11:20:49 am CST (Viewed 22 times)
Reply Subj: has any1 liked ANY of the last marvel crossovers??? why were they all so awful??
Posted: Wed Feb 04, 2015 at 11:19:26 am CST (Viewed 31 times)

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INFINITY: another Star Wars Star Track type nerd BS crossover no one reads. does any1 care the slightest about the cosmic story's? NO and this 1 was even worse then usual. could any1 understand what the eff was going on? NO. just a long confusing mess with a bunch of characters no one ever heard of fighting over a bunch of confusing nonsense none of the readers or charters understand. what happened? who knows?

ORIGINAL SIN: a whole crossover focused on the watcher wow. how relevant. because so many people kno and care about the watcher right? oh wait i didnt even kno who the eff he was until this dumb story and if i did i wouldnt have given a dam bc hes LITERALLY the most boring character EVER in all of fiction. hes dead now? GOOD RIDDANCE.

AXIS: red skull steals prof x's brain and they fuse together to become the new onslaught. oh jesus h christ do u kno how dumb that sounds?!?!? it sounds like something a 3 year old write. the original onslaught was pretty cool and he was covered in spikes and could do cool stuff like cause giant claws to pop up out of the ground and create a new sun and BEST OF ALL he killed all the really lame FF and avergers! onslaught was based as f**k and a total badass! but the whole prof x and magneto fuse together into a giant monster thing didnt make much sense bc what is this DBZ with the fusion dance? and this new onslaught makes even less sense. also wtf was up with the heros becoming villians and the villains becoming heros bc i get y red skull onslaught would turn the heros evil but y would he make the villians good? y not just use his mind powers to make the heros and villians work for him? it doesnt make any sense like usual.

INCURSIONS: this whole plot is GRADE A NONSENSE! i srsly cant make heads or tales of it and no1 else can too!!! whats going on? whats happening? what are incursions and whats the deal with them? why is any of this going on? why does it matter? who are all these dumb new charters and what do they want and why do they keep showing up? no1 knows the answer to any of these but the plot keeps going on and on and on and on and on even tho it left the readers behind a long long long time ago. AND NOW MARVEL IS GOING TO RESET EVERYTHING LIKE DC?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? THATS SOME BS RIGHT THERE! THE WHOLE POINT OF MARVEL IS THEY DONT RESET NOW THERE JUST DC LITE!!!!! THIS RUINS EVERYTHING AND EVERYTHING IS RUINED FOREVER!!!!!!!!!! F*** U MARVEL F*** U ALL FOR THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SPIDERVERSE: ok this 1 is actually bretty gud! really cool story and its really cool to see all the different spider charters and the villains are badass and the plot is very complex but not too much where its confusing like infinity or incurisons. ONLY problem with spiderverse is that its ties into the incurisons nonsense and the upcoming reboot which puts a black mark over the hole thing! also i was hopping theyd include SPODERMEN version of spidermen in the sotry but disappointing they didnt

also is it just me or is there more crossover now then ever? used to be there was a crossover every year now theres two or three a year! theres a new crossover every few mothns there was bearly any time original sin ends b4 axxxis begun and then as soon as that ends its straight 2 the incursions reboot! its like jesus h christ give it a rest already enuff is enuff and 2 MUCH is TOO MUCH!

but it doesnt matter cuz yall just keep buying them books like good little goyim so marvels just gon keep pullin more of the same s***! at least i dont buy the books to give marvel money i just read them at my bros place

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